Best O ring company Guide 2020: (rubber o ring manufacturers)

Best O ring company Guide 2020: (rubber o ring manufacturers)


Best O Ring Company Guide 2020: (rubber o ring manufacturers)

O Ring Company

To choose the right O Ring Company, you should understand not only the scope of its application, but also the accuracy class. The important information that characterizes the product remains the data on the manufacturer and the item number.

The ring is intended to eliminate the occurrence of gaps in various devices. It can be either hydraulic or pneumatic, lubricating or fuel. Accordingly, it is made of rubber, which is of different types in terms of temperature resistance. Nowadays there is not only a type of “rubber sealing ring”. Other heat-resistant materials are also used for the manufacture of such products:

  • silicone rubber;
  • polyurethane;
  • fluoropast;

Why sealing rings are popular in O Ring Company china?

Due to their versatility, rubber sealing rings are the most widely used sealing components in the world. They are found in a wide variety of applications across a wide range of global O Ring Company. They come in a wide variety of sizes and made from a variety of materials to provide an effective seal in all possible environments.

Best O Ring Company produces high quality, high-performance O-rings. The most modern injection molding and compression molding processes are used.

O Ring Company in china

They specialize in the production of O-rings with standard and customer-specific requirements. So you can be sure that the specifications for your application requirements will be met exactly across all phases.

We have worked with a number of applications in various industries, including the automotive and medical industries.

The quantities O Ring Company manufacture range from 5,000 to several million and the components are available in standardized.

Choosing the right O Ring Company

Choosing the right rubber o-ring is critical to avoiding failure. For a full list of common reasons for O-ring failure, please visit our blog, but O-ring performance starts with choosing the right O-ring seal.


Here is a list of things to consider before determining your o-ring needs:

  • Choosing the Right Elastomer Material:Some chemicals react with rubber O-rings and can cause the seal to become hard and brittle. This reduces their ability to act as a bearing force and to seal efficiently.
  • The temperature of the application exceeds the maximum heat resistance of the O-ring:Thermal degradation occurs when the application has exceeded the maximum heat capacity of the elastomer material. This causes a crosslink density, which in turn results in hardness, so that the O-ring loses its elasticity.


What are the types of O rings and their application?

Different demands in the world of O Ring Company and mechanics forced the industry to create different types of sealing rings. In general, its function is the same. However it is its characteristics that change.

Some can withstand heat very well. Others can withstand the corrosion of the atmosphere, acids and so on.

Discover the main types of seal rings; understand their most common applications and their main features!

What is O ring?

The “o-ring” sealing ring has a circular shape and its body is round.

They are generally made from elastomers, which is a characteristic polymer because it is elastic. The materials can be neoprene, nitrile rubber, silicone, and several others.

Your manufacturing measures are tabulated, so to buy, you need to check your O Ring Company catalog. In addition, each O-Ring seal model has a hardness scale, minimum and maximum temperature resistance.

The O-Ring sealing ring can be used in various pneumatic and hydraulic applications. It ensures sealing in connections, even in the face of high temperatures, such as:

  • Acidity
  • corrosion of oils
  • gasoline
  • ozone and in many other scenarios

Its installation is very simple, just place the sealing ring in the specific slot for the component and ensure that it is well aligned.

However, O Ring Company must pay attention to the O-ring seals and carry out periodic checks, accompanied by lubrication, if necessary.

V-Ring Sealing Rings

The V-Ring sealing ring is manufactured for use on shafts that rotate and require protection against dirt, splashes, dust and debris.

It is a single piece of rubber with two protruding lips. Their sealing is axial, against a face opposite the shaft on which they are installed. It can be a chamber for housing the seal itself, the bearing end, a washer, the bearing box, etc.

O Ring Company 2020

The sealing of the V-rings is normally without pressure and made in dry applications. The V-Ring seal ring, when installed, rotates along the axle axially. The movement, together with the shape of the piece, makes the lips protect the construction or machine in question.

When it comes to manufacturing, the materials resemble the O-Ring model. However, O Ring Company has several different profiles, such as:

VA type O ring

For shorter mounting lengths, they are secured with less pressure on the shaft and the lip consists of a chamfer on the part, in the shape of A. The sealing lip seals at a right angle and protects the shaft. It can be used in electric motors, drives and more complex mechanisms, such as gearboxes.

VS type

The type V-Ring sealing ring VS is wider than normal and has a tapered shape, which strengthens the seal’s permanence in place. They are generally used in automotive components and also in agricultural machinery.

VE type

This type is similar to that described above. But the sealing lip has a greater opening angle. It is used in heavy applications, with larger diameters, with high axial pressures, such as sealing laminators.

Type VR-M

The main characteristic of the VR-M type V-Ring seal profile is that it has a flat cross section. It can be installed axially or radially and is used in applications with high turning speed.

Type VR-ME

This profile has a similar shape to the VR-M. However it is shorter, without the characteristic rear part of the VR-M. Its application can also be axial or radial. Moreover, it is used to protect high speed bearings on large machines.

Quad-Ring Sealing Rings

Similar to the O Ring Company, the X-Ring type has a square body. Therefore, it is also known as the “ Quad-Ring ” Sealing Ring , with rounded edges.

It is applied in the same places as a normal O-Ring, however, the X-Ring offers more stability and resistance, which makes it ideal for use in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, sealing axles or rods that have bilateral movements.

In general, there are several other types of seal rings on the market. Their profiles meet a wide range of demands. That is why they are found in countless material options.

Why you need O Ring Company services?

If you come across a machine or service that requires a seal ring, you need to understand the working conditions and then choose the correct model. Thus, you will have a durable seal that preserves not only the connection or the sealed place, but the entire system. It is all possible with a professional O Ring Company.

Failures in the seal can decrease the efficiency of a machine or cause serious accidents. Therefore, choosing the right supplier that offers quality and safe sealing elements is a must!

Today, the sealing ring is in great demand in various industries. This is very easy to explain. The fact is that these products are characterized by high quality and durability, as well as a perfectly flat geometric shape. Due to this, O-rings are actively used for pneumatic and hydraulic devices.

How to choose best O Ring Company in 2020?

If you need to buy O-rings, then you should carefully read the technical documentation and detailed product descriptions. This will help you make an unmistakable choice and purchase exactly those rings. These are required by the design documentation. You can ask a reputable O Ring Company also.

The rubber sealing ring can be used for both movable and fixed connections. These products are manufactured strictly by agreement with the customer. You can choose the following characteristics:

  • density of rubber
  • nominal and inner diameter
  • weight

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