DSH Seals Company has amassed decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of various kinds of seals. Different types of seals include fluid power seals, dust seals, hydraulic piston seals, pneumatic seals, static seals, guide and back-up rings, piston seals, rod seals, rotary seals, axial shaft seals, radial shaft seals, wear sleeves, V seals, U-cup seals, Y seals, O-rings, and other large machined seals are all available in DSH Seals. The materials adopted and the manufacturing procedures are all in line with international environmental expectations. DSH Seals is capable of machining and molding seals out of a wide variety of materials from elastomers, polyurethanes, engineered plastics, to advanced engineered plastics. Usually, to meet demanding chemical sealing applications, the seals are made of a range of high-strength materials to withstand extreme temperatures and irritating chemicals. They are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and applications, such as for pumps, valves, mechanical seals, fittings, and reactors. DSH Seals also provides an assortment of tailored design configurations to accommodate a variety of hardware configurations and applications. So far, DSH Seals has provided seals solutions for many giant companies such as HUAWEI, PetroChina, PEMEX, Cnooc, BYD automobiles, etc. As one of professional PTFE seals manufacturer, we are reputable for our supreme quality seals which feature good mechanical strength, rigidity, high precision, strong wear resistance, and high fatigue strength of seals. In any case, our seals are extremely durable, excellent in chemical resistance and temperature resistance, and have the best sealing performance in a variety of demanding environments. They can withstand a variety of corrosive media to seal various parts well. Our seals are also noted for their particular functions. They can not only be used for the general sealing of parts but also can be used for sealing parts with the self-lubricating function.

The seals, notably hydraulic seals supplied by DSH Seals are available in various pressure capacity, speed capacity, and operating temperature range. The hydraulic seals in DSH Seals are the best well-known, including rod seals, piston seals, buffer seals, guide rings, O-rings, and Oil seals. DSH Seals will emphasize improving the hydraulic piston seals. Frequently considered as a simple component, the hydraulic piston seal has a critical impact on the operation of the hydraulic system. It makes all the difference to the machines or devices during operations. DSH Seals features flexibility and versatility in manufacturing distinct hydraulic piston seals models and parameters. Of course, solutions, for example, operational evaluation, analyzing, and coverage of all hydraulic piston seals are offered in DSH Seals.

DSH Seals is reputable as a professional PTFE seals manufacturer in China. Currently, DSH Seals covers over 1,000 sorts of seals for more than 2,000 applications. DSH Seals adopts various advanced facilities and equipment to process the seals, including PTFE sintering machine, vulcanizing machine, edge trimming, internal mixer, mixing mill, and so on. No matter customers’ industry is machinery manufacturing, refrigeration, sewage treatment, paper making, chemical engineering, oil refining, pharmacy, painting, and printing, or electricity generation industry, DSH Seals has the confidence to come up with the best suitable and appropriate seal solution for them. DSH Seals provides expert advice and gives support throughout the life cycle of your sealing system.

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