Guangdong DSH Seals Technology Co., Ltd.


Guangdong DSH Seals Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and high-tech seal manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. We are engaged in the R&D of various sealing components made of wear-resistant polymer materials such as PTFE, polyurethane, rubber, plastics and other materials.


DSH is your reliable strategic partner for meeting your various sealing needs. Products are widely used in engineering shield machines, engineering machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic machines, automotive seals, electronic appliances, valve pipes as well as coal, metallurgy, oil, power, chemical, and gas and other industries.


DSH works with partners to achieve our shared values and serve the community. We always uphold the belief of honesty and trustworthiness and pragmatic innovation.


Original Brand Manufacture - "DSH" Seal

Guangdong DSH Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.’s main sealing products include PTFE rods, PTFE oil seals, PTFE tubes, PTFE shaped parts, filled PTFE products, filled with PTFE mixture, machine tool guide anti-wear soft belt as well as a full range of PTFE series (Glyd rings, step seals, rotary seals, oil seals, guide belts, spring energized seals, V packing, backup rings), rubber and polyurethane series (O-rings, wiper rings, oil seals, gas seals, water seals, y-rings, skeleton oil seals, grease seals, bud rings, dumbbell rings), phenolic resin guide strip series (guide rings, guide strips, bakelites), hydraulic and pneumatic seal series (step seals ,Glyd rings, Y-rings, buffer rings, guide rings, pneumatic seals, O-rings), engine shield mechanical seal series (V-type glue strips, inflatable rings), oil and gas seals (spring energized seals, O-rings, Glyd rings, step seals, oil seals, dust seals), electronic and household appliance seals (oil seals, gears, gaskets, washers), automotive seal series (oil seals, gaskets, skeleton oil seals, dust seals) with various models and specifications.


The DSH branded seal series meets the ISO7425/1, ISO3320, GB/T15242.1-94 and GB/T1524.2-94 standards, and we offer a variety of groove sizes for domestic and foreign companies.

Piston Seals


We uphold the quality policy of high requirements, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.



DSH vision

Become a model seals provider in this subdivided trade structure.


DSH mission

Create a century-old enterprise and world-class brand. Work hand in hand with customers to achieve common values and at the same time to serve the society.


DSH values

Army: We have iron discipline and focus on teamwork and detail. We do our best to ensure that the mission is completed.

School: We build a learning team and make a comprehensive talent development strategy to enable employees to achieve their goals in life. (1 + 1 + 1 plan).

Family: Let employees get high income and work under a family-like atmosphere to improve employee happiness.


Create a famous internet brand

The company attaches great importance to the construction and development of independent network brands.

We have our own brand promotion and network marketing department to achieve wide marketing brand promotion.

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