Rod seal

The rod seal is the most critical seal of DSH that can be applied for any type of fluid power device, preventing fluid from leaking from the cylinder to the outside. The seal can be effectively used to reduce the leakage which might degrade the equipment performance and, in extreme cases, cause environmental problems.

In addition to the sealing function, our rod seals can also provide a thin lubricating film on the piston rod, which is able to lubricate itself and the wiper seal. The lubricating effect of the seal can also inhibit the corrosion of the piston rod surface and the lubricating film provided by the seal is guaranteed to be thin enough to return to the cylinder during the return stroke.

The hydraulic rod seal can perfectly match the wiper for optimum sealing performance. It is excellently paired with the wiper so that the wiper will not scrape off the microscopic oil film on the rod during the return stroke, causing system leakage.

It is used in combination with rod packing to absorb shock and fluctuating pressure under high loads, and it has a specially shaped slit at the sliding lip that can leak back pressure and eliminate pressure between the wrap and the washer.

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