Oil seals

DSH designs a wide range of oil seals for all automotive, motorcycle, agricultural and industrial equipment applications. Our oil seal is available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet your different application needs. The oil seal can be used to seal around the rotating shaft and maintain an oil-based lubricant inside the shaft, engine, etc. The oil seal an also be used to seal more viscous grease lubricants in rotating shaft applications.

We have continuously improved its structure and improvements in friction design have made these seals more energy-efficient.

It offers extremely high sealing reliability, ensuring that your high-performance equipment is functioning properly and smoothly. It has a long service life and is characterized by its easy installation, which further improves equipment efficiency.

The oil seal can also be used to close spaces between fixed and moving parts in mechanical equipment and to help prevent contaminants from escaping. It also prevents harmful contaminants from entering the machine, especially in harsh environments. It is suitable for almost all important parts of a machine and a running vehicle. DSH’s oil seal guarantees effective protection of all types of precision construction, tight fit ball construction, sleeve and roller bearings.

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