Piston and rod seals

This type of seal can be used not only for rod applications but also for piston applications, so it is called the piston and rod seal. It is usually used for spare parts and has good wear resistance and can maintain good performance even in harsh environments.

This seal can be used to control the pressure in systems and prevent the gland from leaking. It is able to exert the greatest mechanical force to move the piston along the bore of the cylinder. This type of seal can also be used hydraulically or pneumatically, providing a superior and suitable seal design for each system and equipment. The seal is used in a hydraulic cylinder rod to perfectly prevent leakage of the surface of the moving plunger rod to thoroughly contain system fluid or gas.

It excels in preventing pressurized fluid from leaking out of the system. At the same time, the rod that reciprocates according to its stroke can smoothly pass through our seal. Moreover, it is the most critical seal in the system and is effective in sealing internal fluids or gases to prevent them from leaking into the surrounding environment.

DSH’ s rod and piston seals have large rounded lips that can increase contact area but cause lower surface contact pressure compared to other seals.

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