DSH Seals: Major reasons behind rubber seals failure

DSH Seals: Major reasons behind rubber seals failure


DSH Seals: Major Reasons Behind Rubber Seals Failure

DSH seals

DSH seals are the most versatile sealing elements on the market. So today we bring you some important points to let you know a little more about this product.

This sealing device has numerous advantages, among which we can mention the following:

  • Affordable cost
  • It has a reasonable service life
  • Can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • It can be subjected to different pressures, positive or negative
  • Manufactured in different types of materials
  • It can be manufactured in different sizes, all according to the customer’s needs
  • When device failures occur, they are easy to identify
  • Simple assembly

DSH seals applications

The DSH seals are widely used in static systems, avoiding the use in dynamic seals. But they can even be used as a rod and piston sealing energizer.
Another point that must be analyzed for sealing in a dynamic system is the support surface of the ring. So that there is no premature wear, as well as there is no damage to the machine structure.

Model variations 

You will also find some variations of the traditional o’ring model, such as the x-ring. The x-ring has a different shape. Moreover, it is not circular, and has four sealing surfaces, two on the top and two on the bottom. Similarly, they are normally used in rotating systems.

Features of installation and restoration of elasticity of seals

Installation of products

The need to install new DSH seals arises both during the installation of the pipeline and connecting the recently purchased plumbing. Furthermore, it happens when the old gasket fails. In any case, it is important that this work is done correctly.

DSH seals Suppliers

You can seek the services of a professional plumber or try to replace the gasket yourself. This requires an adjustable wrench, pliers, and a screwdriver. Hence, all work should be carried out in stages:

  1. Turn off the water first.
  2. Dismantle the structure
  3. Remove the old gasket and clean the place where it stood. Use a rag for this.
  4. Install a new DSH sealsin place of the old one and treat its surface with silicone sealant
  5. Assemble the pipeline assembly back
  6. Tighten all the nuts; achieve complete tightness of the connections.
  7. After 2 hours open the water supply.

DSH seals Installation errors and how to prevent them

Generally, installing DSH seals in flanged and wafer joints is easy. The main thing is to avoid common mistakes that beginners make. These include:

  • wrong choice of the size of the seal;
  • loose fit of the seal to the surfaces to be joined
  • water, dirt and rust on the surface of the gasket
  • damage to the rubber during the installation of the O-ring

Therefore, to avoid these errors, be careful. Select a gasket that is 4-5 mm larger than the piping. Carefully remove the old rubber and carefully clean the place where it was installed from dirt. Then dry both surfaces to be joined with a cloth.

Similarly, place the gasket in its intended place and reassemble the structure. When doing this, it is important to be careful not to move the O-ring.

piston and rod seals

Major applications of rubber seals

DSH seals are widely used in hot and cold water supply, drainage and heating systems. They are also installed in air conditioners, boilers, pressure cookers, etc. These are simple, affordable and reliable joint sealing tools produced by manufacturers in a wide range.

Oil seals are used in various elements of the car, including the crankshaft. They ensure that the lubricant does not leave the engine. The element is made in the form of a ring with an elastic inner edge, and also has a rigid outer rim. In addition, a spring is used to reinforce the inner edge. Subsequently, it prevents oil from escaping to the outside. The devices installed in any car can be of two types:


  1. Rear oil seal. Differs in high wear resistance. It is reflected in the service life, equivalent to the period of use of the vehicle. Moreover, it has bulky dimensions.
  2. Front oil seal. The device is slightly smaller in size and also more prone to wear. The module is located in the cover of the oil pump. To gain access to it, you must disconnect the timing belt element. Therefore, the oil seal itself is located under the lower crankshaft pulley.

Replacing the front crankshaft oil seal

Replacing any part or assembly of a vehicle always takes place in two stages:

  • removing the old worn out module and
  • installing a new one

Crankshaft DSH seals will be no exception. Such repairs will not be complete without a hammer and screwdriver. However, before starting work, you need to stock up on the necessary tools to perform the following procedures: removing the gas distribution mechanism, removing the cylinder head cover. The actual replacement process for the front oil seal consists of three steps.

STEP 1: First of all, the timing belt is removed from all pulleys. After that, using two flat screwdrivers, a gear-type pulley is lifted. Similarly, it must be removed from the toe of the crankshaft.

A car enthusiast who is engaged in repair should not forget about the key. It must be removed with a screwdriver so that it does not get lost.

STEP 2: Using a screwdriver, remove the worn out element from the cover, after which it is lubricated with engine oil. A new oil seal requires the same fluid treatment.

STEP 3: The repairing car enthusiast must press the new DSH seals into the right place using a pipe of a certain diameter or mandrel. This field is repeated in reverse order, everything that is indicated in the first step.

Replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal

Replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal is carried out in the inspection pit or using a lift. The work involves removing the gearbox. Moreover, during this procedure, you should additionally inspect all adjacent nodes. This is due to the fact that removing the gearbox should be attributed to a rather complex and time-consuming process. Due to the high wear resistance of the rear oil seal, it is extremely rare to resort to such actions.

If you need best quality seals, DSH seals are the best option that fulfills your all sealing requirement.