PTFE oil seals

DSH’s advanced PTFE oil seal are renowned for their ability to provide optimum performance in extreme temperature and fluid environments. With low frictional resistance, it eliminates stick-slip and ensures high wear resistance. It is a standard combination seal that can be used in a variety of operations.

Other benefits of this seal include reduced friction, longer working life, easier assembly, reduced weight and simplified design.

The seal is designed to withstand the harsh environments, high temperatures, high pressures and dry runs that conventional seals cannot withstand. Many of our PTFE compounds have been approved by the FDA. The main advantages of PTFE seals are its high chemical resistance, wear resistance and drought-resistant running.

The seal is made of 100% pure PTFE yarn and has a great self-lubricating content and excellent heat dissipation. It has a low coefficient of friction, ensuring smooth operation and performance of any valve. The oil seal does not require an external lubricant or any oil. It is suitable for all kinds of machine components.

DSH design the PTFE oil seal that can withstand very high speed and can bear large pressure. It also offers a wide operating temperature range and is highly corrosion-resistant.

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