Rotary seal

The rotary seal of DSH can be used for components equipped with oscillating or rotating parts. It is suitable for many different applications. It prevents the ingress of lubricating fluid while preventing mud and water from entering. DSH seals can effectively help extend component life and long-term performance.

DSH offers a wide range of special rotary seals, including our state-of-the-art proprietary radial lip seals and high-quality radial oil seals. DSH’s rotary seal combination includes well-known radial oil seals, rotary shaft seals, radial and axial lip seals, double acting O-rings for shafts and bores, PTFE rotary seals, rubber V-ring seal, mechanical face seal, heavy-duty seal, etc.

Our professional rotary seal performs exceptionally well in many different rotation situations. It has excellent low friction properties and excellent wear resistance.

It is a special and versatile seal that can not only be used as a fluid seal but also as a scraper in situations with helical movement.

It is made from a variety of very effective, sturdy, high-performance materials with excellent physical and mechanical properties and is widely used for reciprocating, oscillating and low-speed rotation. Its self-lubricating properties are good and environmentally friendly. It has chemical resistance, low water absorption and good oil resistance.

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