DVA – Rotary rubber seal V ring

DVA – Rotary rubber seal V ring

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The function of a V-ring is to exclude dirt, water, or other aggressive media from entering bearing housings while also retaining grease. The V-ring stretches over the shaft and assumes a tight interference fit.

V-ring shaft seals utilize centrifugal slinger action to provide effective protection against dry and wet contamination. In combination with a metal-cased radial seal, the V-ring reduces wear and extends the service life of the oil seal and bearings.

The V-ring also performs well in dry running applications. Because it is all rubber and very elastic, it can be stretched over flanges or other components for easy installation with minimal unit disassembly. It has very low torque drag and heat build up, and does not require expensive countersurface preparation.

The key benefits

  • Technical simplicity – Low friction and minimal loss of power. In smaller power units this can be significant. The pressure of the lip against the counterface is very light.

  • Economical – Wide machining tolerances-little or no shaft finishing. No housing required. No shaft wear.

  • Seals resist damage during installation. One size covers many shaft sizes.

  • Versatile application – Works equally well on rotating or oscillating shafts and at high speeds over 3000.

  • FPM. At high speeds the lip lifts away from the counterface and acts as a clearance slinger.

  • VA type:The most common style available in the widest range ofsizes from 2.7mm shaft to 2020mm nitrile and fluoroelastomer. Ideal for protecting gearboxes, electric, motors and drives.

◆◆ PTFE, nbr / fkm rubber,

Material description The most frequently selected material is the purpose made Nitrile rubber which has excellent allround properties. For applications with temperatures above 100℃, or in chemically aggressive conditions, V-Rings made of fluorinated rubber (FKM) can be supplied. In fact a wide range of rubber compounds is available and some of these are listed below..
Available Color Black, brown and so on
Material Strength – good chemical resistance
– good resistance to high and low temperatures
– good resistance to ozone and weathering
– high resistance to wear
– low friction
– low compression set
– good elasticity.
The V-Ring is normally stretched and mounted directly on the shaft, where it is held in position by the inherent tension of the rubber body. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counterface, perpendicular to the shaft. The counterface can be the side wall of a bearing or a washer, stamping, bearing housing, or even the metal case of an oil seal. The sealing lip is flexible and applies only a relatively light contact pressure against the counter-face and yet is still sufficient to maintain the sealing function. The low contact pressure (that varies with the fitted width) allows the seal to run dry in many applications. Profile A is the most common and available for shaft diameters from 2.7 to 2020 mm, inclusive.
Temperature -30~+200℃
Speed ≤10m/s