Guide seals

The DSH manufactures the guide seal, which is also called the guide ring, based on the tight tolerance specifications of the radial part of the guide seal. As a result, we optimized the guided load distribution and limited the radial misalignment of the part for optimum sealing performance. The standard guide ring can be dynamically operated on its outer or inner surface, making it ideal for a wide range of sealing applications. Our guide ring is available in a variety of materials.

It is exquisitely designed to facilitate separation of the openings prior to installation and its outer surface is clamped in the cylinder head, which makes it easier to assemble the cylinders later.

It can be used to guide the rods and pistons of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and to prevent direct contact between the metal and the cylinder liner. It also absorbs strong lateral forces over short guiding distances while maintaining low friction losses. Depending on the load, we offer guide seals with a variety of materials. DSH’s precision sealing technology guarantees a high-performance guide ring with maximum reliability and longevity for different types of cylinders.

DSH’s guide seal is noted for its function of preventing mechanical contact between the piston, the hole and the rod and is capable of absorbing all lateral forces that occur.

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