Wiper seals

The wiper seal of DSH can be made of hard nitrile rubber and is ideal for installation in grooves to prevent dust from passing through the outside of the wiper and reducing pumping. Its outer diameter is an interference fit with the housing, which helps prevent contaminants from entering the groove. It can be effectively used in light and medium applications.

The wiper seal is equipped with a lip for removing dirt, dust or moisture that is slightly adhered to the rod. The proper proportion of our wiper lip ensures that it remains in perfect contact with the surface of the rod so as to remove deposits such as mud and ice.

It can also be made of polyester-based materials with strong wear resistance and can be greatly used in harsh environments in the mining or earthmoving industry.

The entire seal can be used with a split housing, most of which can be mounted in a blind housing. It’s unique because its protective debris completely covers the gland shell, preventing water or mud traps that are commonly seen in traditional wipers. DSH seals promises that our wiper seal provides excellent additional protection to the integrity of the hydraulic system by reducing corrosion and preventing contaminants from entering the wiper housing recess and cylinder gland, which will extend the life of systems.

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