Viton O Rings Suppliers lubricant in seal performance

Viton O Rings Suppliers lubricant in seal performance


5 Reasons to Choose the Sealing Lubricant Solution

Do you want to easily assemble your rubber parts? Are the o- rings on your project damaged when mounting on the shaft? Have you tried any Viton O Rings Suppliers?  Do you want a solution that helps assembly and then disappears entirely?

We tell you 5 reasons to choose the ad hoc lubricant solution.

What condition are you in? What is the function of the lubricant in your O Rings?

Sealing rings and o-rings are essential for the operation of a mechanical device. Their economic value is small and insignificant compared to the function they fulfill. However, their efficiency is central and can considerably affect that of the mechanical component.

However, it often happens, already for example when they move on transmission shafts, that part of their “integrity” loses. In this article we tell you 5 fundamental aspects to consider if you want to assemble a seal with a “lubricating fluid”.

You will also discover the characteristics of the ideal lubricant solution. It depends on whether the seal performs a separation function in dynamic or static operation.

1) Compatibility of Viton O Rings Suppliers with tires

In this article we address the delicate issue of “interaction of lubricating fluids and Viton O Rings Suppliers sealing elements “. It will come with particular attention to the types of materials, the functions of the seals and predictive incompatibility tests.

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If you want to avoid destroying your project in the bud, it is advisable to evaluate a priori the potential interactions between the compounds and the lubricants.  The presentation below highlights the reactions caused by prolonged contact between lubricating fluids of the same viscosity of different chemical composition, in contact with an EPDM gasket.

2) Permanence of o rings on areas in friction

A lubricating fluid must reduce the coefficient of friction.  However, even more important must be its ability to form a thin and homogeneous lubricating film. It remains between the seal and the rotation shaft in sliding friction at the moment of insertion. A sealing ring performs the following functions:

  • Oil containment, as in a gear motor lubricated with oil or fluid grease
  • Protective shield for contaminants (particulate, dust)
  • Both functions

In some conditions the sealing ring, due to the need to support a high counter pressure, can be equipped with a containment spring. The presence of which increases the pressing action on the shaft and the friction between rubber and metal. Under these conditions, the lubricating solution for the assembly must have further persistence properties on the points of greatest stress:

  • adhesiveness , to avoid being “undermined” by the friction surfaces
  • Temporary, once exercised the function of adjuvant to the assembly, the compound must “evaporate” in order not to favor the expulsion of the seal in operation.

The role of Viton O Rings Suppliers lubricant in seal performance

On the other hand, the condition is different if a contribution of the Viton O Rings Suppliers lubricating grease is important even after the assembly operations. In this condition it is advisable to evaluate the persistence of the lubricant over time in the working conditions of the component:

  • sliding speed of the friction surfaces
  • surface pressures between sealing ring and sliding tube
  • working temperature range

3) Avoid damaging the sealing profiles

The profile of a sealing ring has a fundamental function.  Its premature damage inevitably leads to early malfunctions, with inevitable increases in maintenance costs:

  • Oil loss (geared motors)
  • Efficiency reduction (pneumatic cylinder)
  • No pressure isolation of the chambers (hydraulic actuator)

The damage can occur as seen during the assembly, or during operation due to a high roughness of the surface of the rotation shaft or an imperfect alignment. In these cases, the presence of solid lubricants such as boron nitride or PTFE (Teflon) in the formulation can guarantee optimal operation even after prolonged use. It reduces the coefficient of friction locally by “filling” the micro roughness of the surfaces.

4) Do not compromise the mechanical O Rings function

The use of “traditional” grease or lubricating Viton O Rings Suppliers oil guarantees the reduction of the friction coefficient.  If it is only necessary to facilitate the assembly, it is advisable to check that following insertion, the misalignment or expulsion of the gasket in operation is not favored.

The ideal lubricant solution must:
  • facilitate insertion
  • evaporate from the point of friction
  • leave a residue that can hold the seal in place

5) Viton O Rings Suppliers Improve the sealing effect

Yes, lubricating grease can help not only improve assembly and increase life, but also the sealing effect of a gasket. The right combination of viscosity of the base oil used in the formulation of the grease is able to fill the depressions present on the friction surfaces.

Thus reducing the residual space leakage of the intercepted fluid (gas or fluid) contained in the separation chambers.

Below we observe how two identical sealing rings mounted on pneumatic cylinders show a different decay depending on the lubricant equipped:

  • NLGI lithium mineral lubricating grease 2
  • Synthetic silicone based grease + PTFE + NB

The machine oil leaks are a problem to which pay attention, since it could adversely affect the level of the machine’s efficiency.

The risks of machine oil leakage

The loss of machine oil may seem a matter of little consequence, but causes considerable risks. In fact, the release of liquids can significantly damage the machinery, causing pressure drops. Consequently this affects production.

The loss of oils can lead to problems of lack of lubrication and therefore of seizure of the equipment. Furthermore, cavitation of the pump can occur: by turning empty, air bubbles are created which ruin the pump itself.

The loss of machine oil is very dangerous for the operator, because usually these fluids are flammable, corrosive, toxic to health and irritating. We also do not underestimate the problem of accidents at work caused by machine oil leakage which can make the floor slippery.

The causes of the loss of rings oil from the machine

The causes of machine oil loss can be many. In fact, it is often sufficient to slightly lower the fluid level: a quantity greater than that specified by the manufacturer may in fact cause it to rise from the vents and to subsequently leak.

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Other causes of machine oil loss include seals that are damaged, dry or worn because they have been used for too long and cause liquids to leak. Finally, the oil leakage may depend on an oversight during the assembly of the fittings. In fact, if the Teflon tape is not inserted between the male and female threads, this can lead to sweating.

Viton O Rings Suppliers rings against oil leaks

The sealing rings are seals designed to avoid this type of problem that is to prevent the loss of oils, lubricants and fluids in general. For this reason, Viton O Rings Suppliers are of fundamental importance in various sectors, from hydraulics to hydraulics.

The sealing rings are positioned between two elements with cylindrical surfaces and are composed of a metal insert, a spring and an elastomer element.

It is precisely the presence of the latter on the external surface that fixes the ring in its seat. To avoid oil leaks it is important that the sealing rings are always kept lubricated.