Rubber seals suppliers: Perfect Guide to use Best Rubber Seals for car in summers

Rubber seals suppliers: Perfect Guide to use Best Rubber Seals for car in summers


The care of the rubber seals on the car

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Motorists tend to neglect rubber seals suppliers when caring for their vehicle. These points are particularly important because they prevent moisture and moisture from penetrating the interior. Irregular maintenance has the consequence that the seals in the interstices become porous and no longer provide long-term protection against rainwater.

In addition, rubber seals protect against wind while driving. Therefore, regular care and cleaning of the seals should be of great importance.

Is there any special care for rubber seals in summer and winter?

The care of rubber seals should be done differently in the seasons. There are different care products that you can use to keep the seals in good condition for both seasons. While in winter temperatures can quickly drop below freezing point and freeze the seals, they can become brittle in the summer when it is very hot.

Therefore, you should not use any care products that contain water in winter. Due to the water content, the seals freeze particularly quickly and can even burst in the worst case. In summer, on the other hand, the care products should contain a lot of moisture so that the brittle seals become soft and pliable again. Therefore you should use at least two different rubber seals suppliers care products, depending on the season.

How do you use care products for rubber seals correctly?

Rubber seals should be cleaned regularly so that they last longer and offer more protection against external influences. You should therefore clean the seals at least once a month when washing the car and pamper them with a care product.

The care product may only be applied to clean areas. For this purpose, seals can be cleaned and dried with normal water. Hard-to-reach places can be easily reached with an old toothbrush to get the dirt out of the crevices.

This cleanly removes dirt particles even in the most distant corners. However, you should always pay attention to the protection of the paint and work carefully, as the brush can quickly slip and damage the paint.

Then apply the rubber seals suppliers care product to the seals according to the instructions. In many cases you shouldn’t be too frugal with the care product. You should take generous amounts and distribute the product well over the entire surface.

What home remedies are there for caring for rubber seals?

In addition to special care products for seals from specialist retailers, there are also inexpensive alternatives in the household that also ensure good care. Rubber seals on vehicles can be polished up with deer tallow, which is also used to apply cream to sore feet. But Vaseline is also well suited to get brittle seals afloat again.

However, these products are made on a water basis, so they should only be used for maintenance in summer. In winter they do not offer adequate protection against frost and there is a risk that doors can freeze up. The only way to do this is to go to a specialist rubber seals suppliers who has the right care products for the winter.

What should you do with defective rubber seals?

Every part on the vehicle has an expiration date. Even if rubber seals have been manufactured industrially from a particularly hard-wearing material, they will eventually be irreparably damaged by UV radiation and moisture.

Then only the purchase of new seals and a replacement of the rubber lining help. Drivers can expect costs of between 50 and 200 euros, depending on the vehicle type and type of workshop. However, the life of a rubber seal can be delayed if you care for the vehicle regularly.

Which textiles do I use to care for door seals?

Since the seals are made of soft rubber, they should be cleaned gently. Under no circumstances should cleaning agents be used that cause severe irritation to the surface. A normal sponge can be used for cleaning.

For the care of the seals, manufacturers often include a suitable cloth or a small sponge with which the rubber seals suppliers care product can be easily applied. If this is not the case, a normal cotton cloth, which has always proven itself in care, will also help.

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The warm summer days are over and slowly autumn and winter are moving in here. This is the perfect occasion to take a few simple steps to winterize your home.

It is important to take care of your windows and check them for leaks. This is the only way to ensure functionality and a long service life.

In the following article we will show you how you can maintain your windows yourself in a few simple steps and what you should pay attention to.

The effective cleaning of the windows

The basic requirement for a long service life and functionality requires regular cleaning. It is advisable to clean the windows first so that you can carry out maintenance and care successfully. Smaller defects can also be discovered and remedied more quickly with clean windows.

Before you start cleaning your windows, be sure to check out our post on effective window cleaning. There we explain step by step how you can make your frames, window sills and glazing shine without streaks.

You can clean dirty hardware components with a damp cloth and neutral cleaner. The running and guide rails should be cleaned at least once a year. In addition, make sure that you do not close the window again until the cleaned parts have dried.

Proper window maintenance: rubber seals suppliers recommendations


Rubber seals suppliers around the window are not only stressed by opening and closing the window, but also by external influences. UV rays, fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions ensure that the rubber seals become brittle. The consequences are drafts and rising heating costs. However, this can also promote the penetration of pollen and dust as well as noise.

Annual maintenance of the rubber seals is therefore necessary to protect the environment and your wallet. First check whether the seals are porous or have lost their elasticity. If this is the case, it only helps to have the seals replaced by a specialist.

How to reduce rubber seal cost?

To prevent these costs, you should regularly clean the seals and then grease them. A little petroleum jelly or a grease pencil will do. If necessary, seek advice from staff in DIY stores or specialist stores. Let the fat dry for about 20 minutes before closing the window.


After you’ve cleaned the fittings from dirt, it’s time to service them yourself.

First check all moving parts and locking points of your window. These should be oiled once or twice a year so that they continue to work smoothly. Resin-free and acid-free spray grease from specialist shops is suitable for oiling. Carefully remove excess fat.

If you discover malfunctions in daily use, adjustments must be made to the fittings. We recommend leaving this to a specialist, as otherwise fittings can be bent and have to be completely replaced.

How to prevent damage to window seals?

To prevent major and costly damage, it is important to keep an eye on your windows and repair minor damage immediately. You can contact reliable rubber seals suppliers for this. 

Alternatively, you can also arrange a maintenance contract with a specialist dealer who will take care of all care and maintenance measures for you. So the cold stays outside in winter and you can make yourself really comfortable inside.


If you regularly care for the rubber seals on your car, you can significantly extend the service life and prevent short-term replacement. In summer and winter you have to use different rubber seals suppliers care products that depend on the temperature. This way, the places always remain well sealed.