A Corrosion-resistant Safety Valve O-ring

A Corrosion-resistant Safety Valve O-ring


DSH-A Corrosion-resistant Safety Valve O-ring

A corrosion-resistant safety valve O-ring


Safety valves are widely used in petrochemical, energy and power industries. DSH Seals tell you that you need to choose the right sealing material for different media. What are the characteristics of the sealing materials for the following three most common safety valve O-rings.



1. Fluororubber (FKM) sealing ring material has flame retardancy, excellent air tightness, ozone resistance, weather resistance, good aging resistance and extensive corrosion resistance. It is mainly suitable for inorganic acid, fuel oil, pure oxygen and tetrachlorination. Silicon, etc., is the most widely used in safety valve sealing.


2. The ethylene-propylene (EPDM) rubber seal material has excellent water resistance, water vapor and hot water characteristics, suitable for high-temperature steam conditions (working environment and occasions) safety valve seal in the power industry.


3.The perfluoroether (FFKM) rubber seal material is suitable for organic solvents containing aromatic compound, or contains wet hydrogen sulfide medium.