How does PTFE seal manufacturer test PTFE material?

How does PTFE seal manufacturer test PTFE material?


Why coated o rings are ideal for PTFE seal manufacturer?

PTFE seal manufacturer

What is the purpose behind PTFE seal manufacturer ptfe products?

PTFE seal manufacturer provides excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and chemical stability. Moreover, it is non-stick, non-toxic, and non-polluting. Therefore, it is called “the king of plastics”. Furthermore, it has a good sealing material.

PTFE companies use it in sealing devices in many fields. Such as:

  • national defense
  • aerospace
  • Medicine
  • Petrochemical
  • Electronics
  • machinery and so on.

Similarly, at the same time, PTFE seal manufacturer provides:

  • excellent radiation resistance
  • tritium compatibility and
  • low permeability to tritium

So, people use it in sealing systems containing tritium.

How does PTFE seal manufacturer test PTFE material?

In a packaging container containing tritium components, PTFE material is used as a sealing ring. In order to analyze the cause of this problem, a seal sealing performance test was carried out.

The effects of PTFE seal compression, leak detection time and other factors are important to check performance. Moreover, the numerical simulation method is crucial to study the helium gas in the PTFE seal.

  1. Test process

PTFE seal manufacturer designed the simulated container to test the sealing performance of the seal ring. The flange sealing structure and volume of the simulated container are exactly the same as the product packaging container.

In order to minimize the interference of other factors, the upper cover of the simulated container is a non-welded all-metal structure. The gas path connection between the container and the outside is sealed with a metal gasket. Similarly, the valve is full.

Metal two-way manual valve. The helium leak detection test shows that the standard leak rate of the simulated container is less than 1 × 10 -10 Pa·m 3 /s. Simultaneously, it eliminates the leakage problem of the container itself.

What is PTFE sealing ring?

PTFE seal manufacturer makes PTFE sealing ring of three outsourcing PTFE rods. Denoted by A, B, and C. Its dimensions are Φ178 mm outer diameter, Φ170 mm inner diameter, and 3 mm thickness.

How does PTFE seal manufacturer determine leak detection?

Determine the compression amount of the PTFE seal ring by measuring the gap of the simulated container. After the simulated container is assembled, the interior of the simulated container goes for vacuuming.

Moreover, PTFE seal manufacturer fills it with 0.05 MPa of helium. After that the simulated container is placed in the leak detection container. Generally, the pressure vacuum chamber method is used to detect the overall leak rate of the simulated container.

Why does PTFE seal manufacturer Use seals?

PTFE seal manufacturer uses seals to prevent fluid from leaking between adjacent bonding surfaces. And external impurities. Such as:

  • dust
  • sediment
  • moisture, etc. intrusion.

The performance of the seals has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the entire machine. For the seals that require high corrosion resistance. Moreover, the use of seals with a temperature higher than 100 ℃, PTFE are mostly used.

PTFE seal manufacturer divides seals into static seals and dynamic seals.

What are static seals?

Static seals are fixed seals. Subsequently, the materials used are called gaskets.

What are motions seals?

Dynamic seals are motion seals. And the materials used are packing. Packing also calls sealing packing. Furthermore, it is usually woven from softer threads.

Usually, the cross-sectional area is square or rectangular. And round strips are filled in the sealed cavity to achieve sealing.

What is the work principal of packing?

Working principle of packing:

Generally, the surface of the shaft is very uneven under microscopic conditions. And can only partially fit the packing. So there is a tiny gap between the packing and the shaft, like a maze. PTFE seal manufacturer intercepts the medium multiple times to achieve the sealing effect.

How does PTFE seal manufacturer use injection molding in ptfe seals?

With the continuous development of modern new material industry, people’s awareness of energy saving and environmental protection has increased. Similarly, rubber and plastic have also changed.

On this basis, PTFE seal manufacturer has developed a variety of emerging injection molding technologies. Mainly including three types of injection molding:

  1. large injection
  2. precision injection and
  3. thin-wall injection.

What are the advantages of Teflon?

Teflon is a top material in the world today. Which has many advantages. Such as:

  • colorlessness
  • wide high and
  • low temperature range resistance
  • chemical corrosion resistance
  • inertness and
  • low friction factor.

Therefore, it is nicknamed “Plastic King” and custom-made PTFE insulators. PTFE seal manufacturer widely uses it as a sealing material. Moreover, it has become an important material indispensable in all industrial sectors centered on:

  • Automobiles
  • national defense
  • Machinery
  • chemical industry
  • Electronics
  • construction and other industries.
What is ptfe o ring?

The sealing ring combines the elasticity and sealing properties of rubber with Teflon’s chemical resistance.

Similarly, it comes with f a silicone and a relatively thin Teflon FEP. Moreover, this rubber Teflon sealing ring has excellent sealing performance.

Generally, Rubber O-rings are easy to wear. They are chemically resistant, and poorly resistant to gas penetration. Subsequently, pure Telfon O-rings have higher hardness. In addition, they can resist compression. But have poor elasticity.

How does PTFE seal manufacturer make PTFE O rings?

The outer Teflon PTFE O-ring has good resistance to swelling and chemical. In addition, it has good elasticity near the rubber O-ring. The coefficient of friction of Telfon FEP is very small. Moreover, it has excellent gas permeability resistance,

These properties enable the sealing ring to be truly used in harsh environments. 

What are the features of PTFE seals?

The combination of the Teflon FEP outer coating and the rubber inner core without seams. And the surface is dense and uniform makes the O-ring seal as a whole maintain a consistent tightness.

The elasticity and compression of each point are uniform. And PTFE seal manufacturer can install under continuous pressure. As the pressure of the medium increases, the entire sealing ring is compressed.

The sealing ring is like a high-viscosity liquid. And the pressure acting on it is transmitted to all directions without reducing.

 What is PTFE wrapped o rings?

Wrapped o-ring is a combination of rubber elasticity and sealing performance with Teflon’s chemical resistance. Subsequently, it is composed of silicone rubber inside. Teflon o-ring have excellent sealing performance.

 What are general rubber o rings?

General rubber o-rings are more prone to wear.  chemical resistance and poor resistance to gas penetration. Generally, pure Teflon O-RING has higher hardness. Moreover, they can resist compression but has poor elasticity.

Generally, Teflon PFA ORING has good resistance to solvent swelling and chemical stability. Moreover, the friction coefficient of Teflon FEP is very small. similarly, has excellent gas permeability resistance. These properties make the coated o-ring ideal for PTFE seal manufacturer. Therefore, they can be truly used in harsh environments.

 Why coated o rings are ideal for PTFE seal manufacturer?

PTFE seals manufacturers

The presence of the Teflon FEP outer layer makes the coated o-ring have good hardening resistance. At the same time, the inner core made of silicone rubber makes the sealing ring still maintain good elasticity at a high temperature of 200 ℃.

How does PTFE seal manufacturer check the PTFE seals leaking problem?

PTFE seal manufacturers maintains the effect of:

  • PTFEcompression
  • ring compression
  • leak detection time

Similarly, PTFE seal manufacturer studies the other factors on the sealing performance. He uses the numerical simulation method to study the infiltration process of helium gas in PTFE sealing ring.

Generally, the research results show that the leak in the test is mainly caused by the penetration of PTFE gas into the helium gas. The long time between helium filling and leak detection makes the helium penetration leak rate larger. Therefore, it results in the leak rate of the container.