How do piston ring manufacturers Assemble the piston ring?

How do piston ring manufacturers Assemble the piston ring?


Defective piston rings – small damage with far-reaching consequences


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piston ring manufacturers contribute heavily in different engines working. Similarly, sealing elements play an important role in an internal combustion engine that relies on liquids. Such as:

  • oil

The piston rings in gasoline and diesel engines have to perform several tasks. You have to seal the working area. Dissipate the heat generated during combustion from the piston. And meter the oil required for lubrication to enable the piston to run smoothly within the cylinder.

Note: If there is a defect in the piston rings, this often leads to extensive damage.

Piston ring manufacturers role in Function of the piston rings

In modern cars, piston ring manufacturers install three piston rings per cylinder. Each with different functions.

What are the functions of three piston rings?

The main task of the top of the three rings is to seal the working space inside the cylinder. And to transport heat from the piston to the cylinder wall.

The middle ring serves as a seal against gases. And, together with the first ring, influences the blowby of the engine. The third piston ring has the function of wiping the oil off the inner wall of the cylinder. And metering the oil film on which the piston rings slide.

According to piston ring manufacturers various causes can lead to a defect in the piston rings. As a result, piston damage such as the notorious piston eater can occur.

Causes of defective piston rings

In today’s cars, it is often performance that counts. It is not infrequent that tuning measures help to further increase the horsepower. Due to the increasing speeds, the mechanical and thermal load on the individual engine components increases significantly.

If the cooling of the pistons and cylinders is not sufficient the material is subjected to greater stress. As a result, the piston rings can deform. Furthermore, in the worst case, break.

Impacts of defective piston rings on engine

Defective piston rings can also have their origin in normal wear. Regardless of the cause, it is important that piston ring manufacturers should recognize the symptoms that causes defects in engine.

How do piston ring manufacturers recognize defective piston rings?

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piston ring manufacturers can identify defective piston rings before they cause serious damage. Defects in the rubber rings are often noticeable through a sudden increase in oil consumption.

As the rings no longer seal with the inside wall of the cylinder, oil can escape and spread throughout the engine compartment. If the piston rings are severely damaged, the oil can drip from the engine compartment onto the floor.

How can defective piston rings damage an engine?

In some cases, defective piston rings also lead to a drop in engine performance. This is the result of escaping combustion gases that can spread to the rest of the engine.

Both a drop in performance and an oil loss can. A clarification of the symptoms by piston ring manufacturers is therefore always advisable.  By acting early you can avoid costly repairs.

Possible consequences define by piston ring manufacturers of defective piston rings

Defective piston rings can cause serious damage to your engine. Over time, so-called oil coal can build up in the combustion chambers. Which can lead to expensive damage to the valves and injection nozzles.

In the worst case, a piston seizure results from a defect in the piston rings. The piston “eats” itself inside the cylinder and welds to it. Damage like this often requires extensive engine repairs with the replacement of several components. Such as:

  • a connecting rod
  • and crankshaft.

The tasks of the piston ring as per piston ring manufacturers guidelines

The oil wiper ring ensures that the lubricating oil is wiped off the cylinder wall.

  • Sealing the work area from heat and gas
  • Dissipation of the heat of combustion
  • Dosage of the lubricating oil
  • Ensure the lubricating film thickness
  • Stabilization of the piston movement

How do piston ring manufacturers design piston rings?

piston ring manufacturers design Piston rings so that they have a relatively large preload. This ensures that the rings have a high degree of tightness.

Fluttering of the rings can also be avoided at high speeds. In normal operation of the engine, the rings are pressed against the cylinder wall. Piston rings are only partially elastic. And should therefore only be installed and removed using a special tool.

How to change the piston ring?


Sealing system

  • The cylinder
  • the engine oil
  • and the piston also belong to the sealing system.

All these three parts should properly operate in order to ensure the overall efficiency of the sealing system. So, if piston ring manufacturers suspect that one of the piston rings is worn. They should also check the other components of the sealing system for wear.

Because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is useless to just replace the piston ring in order to repair the engine. Even if the piston or the cylinder are no longer fully functional.

How do piston ring manufacturers Measure ring grooves?

In order to be able to assess piston rings, you can measure the ring height in the ring groove using a feeler gauge. This height should have a maximum of 0.10 millimeters. Moreover, care should be taken with anything above it.

Pull up the piston ring

Be careful

Note: When pulling on the piston, the piston ring should not be opened too far.

If, for example, the piston ring is worn. And must be replaced with a new one for this reason. piston ring manufacturers should take extreme care when opening it. Here find the most errors instead. Improper mounting of the piston ring on the piston can significantly impair the contour.

This can deform the piston ring and the desired sealing function can no longer be guaranteed.

Don’t open too far

For this reason, the piston ring should only ever be opened so far. That the inner diameter can be slipped over the outer diameter of the piston.

On the other hand, if the piston ring is spread apart, it is bent. Especially the ring back.  And there are problems with the seal. So be extremely careful when pulling on the piston rings to ensure the sealing function.

How do piston ring manufacturers Assemble the piston ring?


There are also a few things to consider when assembling and disassembling the piston rings. Before you pull the piston ring onto the piston, the piston should be cleaned completely. And the ring grooves should also be free of dirt and oil carbon.

However, piston ring manufacturers should take care when removing the dirt. Be careful not to damage the groove flanks to ensure their sealing function. Otherwise, oil consumption may increase.

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Note: The piston ring should not be installed with a screwdriver.

piston ring manufacturers should take a suitable tool. So-called piston ring pliers are best suited for assembly or disassembly. On the other hand, screwdrivers or wire loops should be avoided.

As these could damage the piston ring. In this case, the consequence would again be that the sealing function would no longer function properly.

Likewise, you should not pull open the piston ring by hand. The result would again be a faulty seal.

piston ring manufacturers Conclusion

The piston ring therefore has important functions in motor vehicles. Among other things, it ensures that the working area is sealed off from gas and heat. And that the oil is dosed correctly and stiffened on the cylinder wall. piston ring manufacturers should make sure that the piston ring is not damaged when it is fitted.

We hope that this guide will now give you a good understanding of the functions of the piston ring.