How does oil seals manufacturer save machine from wearing out?

How does oil seals manufacturer save machine from wearing out?


Beginner’s guide to replace new oil seal- Learn how to protect your machine?

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How does oil seals manufacturer explain an oil seal?

The word “seal” is used to imagine what is pasted. But originally it means “to seal.” The oil seal is a packing type seal that prevents oil. It has the role of preventing oil from leaking. Moreover, oil seals manufacturer uses it in many places in parts and machines that require oil.

We will explain in detail about oil seals. We can say that these are essential parts for current machine parts and industrial products.

What is an oil seal?

Oil is often used for mechanical parts. Such as:

  • engines and

It acts as a lubricating oil. Moreover, it ensures smooth operation without friction between machine parts. Machines that have a mechanism such as rotation will rub against each other.

It happens due to metal parts rubbing against each other. And will eventually become hot and deform without oil, making them unusable. oil seals manufacturer uses Oils in friction-sensitive parts to reduce:

  • friction
  • escape temperature,
  • and so on.

How does oil seals manufacturer save machine from wearing out?


Simply adding oil will temporarily moisten the parts with oil. But if you use a machine, it will leak out and eventually you will run out of oil. Then, mechanical parts eventually lose oil.

Furthermore, it become hot due to frictional heat. Eventually deforming and becoming useless. Therefore, it is the oil seal that prevents the oil once filled from leaking out.

What is the structure of an oil seal?

The oil seal is usually made up of a metal ring and rubber. And is shaped like a bearing. Inside the ring is a coil that pushes the rubber outward.

By filling the friction parts such as the cylinders of machine parts with oil. And installing an oil seal on those parts, it is possible to make the machine parts move smoothly.  While preventing oil from leaking.

This coil works to push out the rubber. So that oil seals manufacturer enables to firmly attach it to machine parts. Similarly, it eliminates gaps and prevent oil from leaking.

What is the function of oil seals manufacturer?

In this way, the oil seal plays a role of preventing oil from leaking out. But depending on the machine, some parts have the purpose of blocking:

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • gas, etc.

The oil seal not only prevents oil from leaking from the inside, but also prevents foreign matter. Such as:

  • air and
  • dust from entering from the outside.

However, like the engine oil, the oil used deteriorates over time. Therefore, it is necessary to change it regularly. No matter how much it leaks.

oil seals manufacturer explains Name and function of each part of oil seal

According to the oil seals manufacturer, the main materials for oil seals are metal and rubber. But rather than a simple structure like an O-ring some parts are used. The main structures are:

  • lip
  • seal lip
  • dust lip and

What is the difference between oil seal lip and fit?

The inner circumference of the ring-shaped oil seal and the adhesion part of the metal parts are called “lip”. Similarly, the adhesion part of the outer circumference and the metal parts is called “fit”.

The relationship between two parts, the shaft and the hole, is called a “fit”. Subsequently, in the case of an oil seal, it is the relationship between the outer circumference of the seal and the machine part. When fitting normally, leave a small gap, such as 0.01 mm, between the parts.

This prevents parts from sticking to each other and sticking together, and if there is a small gap, it moves smoothly. Since the oil seal is the outer peripheral part, it is the part that oil does not touch, and there is no problem even if there is a gap.

The “lip” is the part where oil seals manufacturer bonds the oil seal inner circumference and parts.

What is the function of lip tip?

The part that contacts the mechanical parts even on the inner circumference is called the lip tip. Moreover, it eliminates the gap with the mechanical parts. The tip of the lip is usually made of rubber.

And by incorporating a coil spring inside, it presses against the machine part and eliminates the gap. As it is rubber, it has some elasticity. Which allows machine parts to move smoothly even if there is no gap.

However, the contact part with the mechanical parts is not flat but wedge-shaped. It reduces the contact part and rubber friction.

Why does oil seals manufacturer give importance to seal lip?

For oil seals manufacturer, the “seal lip” has the role of stabilizing the effects of:

  • Vibration
  • temperature rise
  • pressure rise, etc.

Due to the operation of mechanical parts. It mainly has a role to stably seal the lip tip. There is also a dust lip as an auxiliary component. Which does not have a coil built in. Moreover, it mainly has a role of preventing the intrusion of dust and dirt from the outside.

In addition, there is a metal ring. That fixes and stabilizes the rubber of the lip part. A nose on the front part of the oil sea. A back face on the back side. And a helix attached to the lip part.

The helix enhances the sealing performance. Subsequently, extends the life of the oil seal. oil seals manufacturer takes care of all these points while making oil seals.

These parts make up the oil seal. Although it causes high temperature because it causes friction. The oil lowers the temperature and prevents deformation of the oil seal. In addition, it cannot be said that the service life is generally how many times it is used. Or how many hours it is used.

Similarly, it depends on the part to be used. The higher the friction frequency and temperature, the shorter the life tends to be. Also, the higher the pressure, the shorter the life. And using chemicals rather than oil tends to shorten the life.

Items for which oil seals manufacturer uses an oil seal

oil seals manufacturer uses oil seals in various parts. It is used in:

  • the direct acting parts of automobiles
  • ship engines
  • suspensions and
  • shock absorbers.

In addition, it is widely used in:

  • construction machinery
  • machine tools
  • plants, and electrical appliances.

There are three types of oil seals.

  1. one for rotation
  2. one for pressure
  3. and one for sliding.

oil seals manufacturer uses rotation for rotating parts. Pressure is used for parts where oil pressure is applied. And sliding is used for parts that move directly.

How does oil seals manufacturer replace the oil seal?

The oil seal is a major enemy of foreign matter such as dust and dirt. So, oil seals manufacturer needs to be careful when replacing it. First, prepare a new oil seal. Furthermore, make sure that the seal is free of dirt and dust. If there is dust on the oil seal, wash it off with the lubricant used.

Note: Do not wipe it with a cloth.

Remove the old oil seal. And install the new one with the lip facing towards the part you want the sealing lip to adhere to. For mounting to the housing, use the built-in jig. To make it smooth when installing, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil.

If you leave it uncoated, the rubber part will deteriorate.

How to protect new oil seal?

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After purchasing and preparing a new oil seal, be careful to store it until it is used. Such as not exposing it to direct sunlight. Similarly, do not place it in a high temperature. Storage in these bad environments will deteriorate the rubber.

Why oil seals are important for our machines?

Oil seals are components that prevent the leakage of lubricating oil. oil seals manufacturer makes its structure that prevents the leakage of lubricating oil. This is an important part because if the lubricating oil does not leak, mechanical parts may be deformed by frictional heat and become useless.