Stainless Steel D type-Triple Rotary Lip PTFE Oil Seal

Stainless Steel D type-Triple Rotary Lip PTFE Oil Seal

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DSH Seals offers broad seals types which utilize the most recent tech PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) material in the seal lip. This kind of material features low friction between the rotating shaft and the external environment.

The PTFE lip seal is a rotary lip seal that features an ID lip. The ID lip seals dynamically on a shaft and metal casing on its OD to seal press-fit statically into a bore. There is a metallic backing or O-ring on the seal OD to support and prevent seal rotation. The seals are manufactured from an extensive array of PTFE composites along with also other machinable plastic materials. Standard gasket choices are fluorocarbon, nitrile. Metal case materials include stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, zinc-plated cold rolled steel and aluminum. This broad foundation of standard gasket, metal and PTFE materials can be tailored to accommodate a majority of applications.

How do the PTFE rotary seals work?

The PTFE rotary seals run by squeezing and maintaining lubricant in a slim layer between the lip and the shaft. There’s a gasket that’s sandwiched between the layers of sealing lips to seal off the potential leak path. By way of instance, when the rotary lip seal works within a hydrodynamic aid, it acts as a pumping aid to enhance the functionality by transferring fluid away from the lip in elevated rates.

Usually, the PTFE lip seals have two primary functions: to keep the bearing or system lubricant and to exclude any contaminations that may damage the system or bearing. The seals’ operation in keeping the bearing or system lubricant is essential for the whole equipment or machine working, and this also means the seals directly determine the service life of the facilities or devices. Our PTFE rotary lip seals offer impressive operating characteristics, which enable the seals to bridge the gap between current technologies for both gas and liquid sealing applications.

Materials Used in PTFE Lip Seals

Although there are hundreds of different PTFE materials with a variety of fillers, probably the most well-known fillers are graphite, fiberglass, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), carbon fiber, and mineral. Each sort of those substances features different properties to satisfy various applications and service conditions, while common to all filled PTFE materials are their improved resistance to wear and deformation.

Applications & Fields

-Motors/Gear boxes/Pumps/Bearings/Compressors/Cryogenics/Extruders/Valves/Blowers/Spindles/Robotics/Mixers

-Aerospace/Automotive/Chemical/Appliances/Machine Tools/Marine /Medical/Pharmaceutical/Military/Heavy Machinery/Pulp & Paper/Hydraulic/Food Processing/Electronic/Oil & Gas/Steel Mill/Plastics

Features & Benefits of Rotary Lip Seals

1. Low friction. PTFE rotary seal features very minimal friction coefficients in contrast to any solid material.

2. Chemically inert. PTFE comprises carbon-fluorine bonds that are non-reactive, that causes it to can’t break down from exposure to chemicals.

3. High-pressure resistance. This feature makes the PTFE lip seals such valuable in applications with heavy-duty machinery.

4. Chemical compatibility. PTFE lip seals can be used with a variety of media, including synthetic lubricants, heat transfer oils, glue, steam, chemical wastewater, etc.

5. Wide operational temperature range. The lowest temperature PTFE seals can operate at is – 80°C, and the highest temperature is up to 200°C.

6. Excellent performance in dry or abrasive media. The rotary lip seals perform exceptionally well concerning friction and stick-slip running.

7. High RPMs functionality. PTFE lip seal is a lot better than rubber seals within a significantly wider assortment of rotating rates and diameters.

◆◆ PTFE+SS304

Material Description Filled PTFE (such as MoS2/Glass fiber, Ekonol and so on), or Virgin PTFE is available
Available Color White, Black, Yellow, Custom Color
Material Strength Virgin PTFE meets the requirement of food-grade approval.

PTFE oil seal has remarkable anti-friction performance, making it suitable for harsh working conditions such as inadequate lubrication, high speed, high temperature, and corrosive medium.

Temperature -80~+200℃
Speed ≤18m/s
Pressure ≤35bar
Medium Mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases
Applied Device Compressor cylinder