TC-Standard Radial Shaft Double Lip Oil Seal

TC-Standard Radial Shaft Double Lip Oil Seal

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TC oil seal, which is a kind of double lip oil seal with self-tightening spring completely covered by rubber. Generally speaking, oil seal usually refers to this TC skeleton oil seal. The common materials for oil seals are: nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and silicone rubber.


  • It has good heat resistance, wear resistance, resistance to various lubricants, greases, oil and gas mixtures, suitable for temperature – 30 – 120 degrees Celsius, but can no longer be used in phosphate hydraulic oil and gear oil containing extreme pressure additives, stable performance in gasoline and mineral oil with low aniline point.


  • Aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, almost applicable to all lubricants, fuel oils, gasoline, oil containing extreme pressure additives is not easy to harden, but cold resistance, high temperature wear resistance is poor, permanent compression deformation is large, suitable for temperature – 20 ~ 250 degrees Celsius.

Silicon rubber

  • It has outstanding resistance to high and low temperatures, can be used at 150 degrees Celsius for a long time without performance change, can be used at 200 degrees Celsius for 10,000 hours continuously, and can maintain its unique use flexibility, ozone resistance and weather resistance in the operating temperature range of – 70-260.


  • Engine: crankshaft and rear oil seal, valve oil seal, transmission oil seal.

◆◆ NBR/FKM/Silicone rubber

Material description Filled PTFE (such as MoS2/Glass fiber, Ekonol and so on), or Virgin PTFE is available
Available Color Black, brown
Material Strength Oil seals with NBR and metal, it has good heat resistance and wear resistance, it is also resistant to various lubricating oils, greases, oil and gas mixtures, etc.
Oil seals with FKM and metal, it is resistant to aging, heat and oil, and is suitable for almost all lubricating oils, fuel oils and gasoline.
Oil seals with Silicone and metal, it has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, maintaining its unique use elasticity and resistance to ozone and weather.
Temperature -30~+200℃
Speed ≤30m/s
pressure ≤0.05MPa
Applied device Widely use in many fields