How can piston ring manufacturers improve car muffler performance?

How can piston ring manufacturers improve car muffler performance?


Difference between imported and domestic o rings

Difference between the piston ring and compression ring

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Last time I explained about piston ring manufacturers. But this time I will talk about “piston rings“. It just looks like a ring.  But it has been modified in the same way as a piston.

What is the role of piston ring?

Needless to say, the role of the piston ring is “maintaining airtightness in the combustion chamber during each engine stroke”. In addition, the invention of the piston ring is said to have dramatically improved engine performance and durability.

Despite being a thin ring with a thickness of several millimeters, the piston ring is a component.  It is constantly exposed to the severe conditions of:

  • high temperature and
  • high pressure.

According to piston ring manufacturers, a piston ring that can withstand high temperatures and pressures is required to have:

  • wear resistance
  • toughness, and
  • heat resistance
  • as well as “oil holding capacity.

What materials piston ring manufacturers use in piston rings?

It used to be made of special cast iron or carbon steel. But recently it seems that the number of pressed steel sheets is increasing.

Piston ring manufacturers the surface is generally plate the surface with hard chrome. This method is important for the purpose of improving initial familiarity.

A typical 4-stroke engine has 3 piston rings. The three can be roughly divided into two “compression rings” and one “oil ring”. Each of which plays a different role and cooperates to keep the engine airtight

What is a compression ring?

The compression ring is a piston ring prepared to maintain airtightness.

“Maintaining air tightness” means that the air-fuel mixture does not leak below. This process flows in following steps:

  1. intake
  2. compression
  3. combustion

Piston ring manufacturers define the role of the compression ring changes as follows.

  1. Intake stroke:The role of sucking the air-fuel mixture by generating “negative pressure”. Without pressure leakage when the piston descends
  2. Compression stroke:The role of compressing the air-fuel mixture to top dead center without leakage
  3. Combustion process Maintaining pressure to change combustion gas into “force to push piston downward”.
  4. Exhaust stroke:The role of reliably pushing exhaust gas to the exhaust manifold without leakage.
  Why compression ring is an important part in a car engine?

The compression ring is a part that directly touches the extremely high temperature of the combustion gas. Similar to the piston head that our Piston ring manufacturers talked about last time.

However, unlike a piston, it is a component that sticks strongly to the cylinder. It is due to its own tension and gas pressure.

Therefore, it also plays the role of efficiently transmitting the received heat to the cylinder. And efficiently dissipating the heat to the “water jacket”. Similarly, it stretches around the cylinder liner.

What is the function of compression ring?

Piston ring manufacturers attaches two compression rings. To determine the combination of the two. it is necessary to firmly grasp the characteristics of each piston ring shape.

Generally, it is said to be the “top ring” closer to the piston head. The top ring is mainly “keeping airtight”.  And the second ring is “shaking off excess oil”.

This was a brief introduction of the role of Piston ring manufacturers. We discussed a little about compression ring too. Now we will discuss:

 How can piston ring manufacturers improve car muffler performance?

Have you ever encountered a car blowing smoke from a muffler, like a smoke screen? Is it caused by poor maintenance or another cause? Why does such a phenomenon occur?

Oil ring

The “oil ring” is a ring that has the role of scraping off excess engine oil after lubricating the cylinder. Unlike compression rings, the shape is almost the same for all engines.

Especially recently, Piston ring manufacturers use a “combined oil ring”. It combines a “side rail” and a “spacer expander” into a single oil ring

Why spacer expanders have a complex shape?

Spacer expanders have a very complex shape. This shape is the result of devising a large opening for letting the oil escape. And efficiently pushing the oil out to the “oil escape hole”. It is present in the piston ring groove where the oil ring is housed.

The oil ring sends the oil scraped out by the side rails to the oil escape hole. And the oil escape hole of the piston.

It also plays an important role in cooling the piston body. It pushes the oil into the inside of the piston through each oil escape hole.

Abnormal phenomenon of piston ring

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Even just talking a little about the components like this has made it a lot of volume. When considering the Piston ring manufacturers, do not forget to check abnormal phenomena occurring in the piston ring”.

What is the identity of the smoke emitted from the muffler?

On a cold winter morning, the muffler immediately after starting the engine may emit white steam. This is almost always steam. Moreover, it does not mean that the engine is abnormal.

When fuel burns inside the engine, carbon dioxide and water are produced. Carbon dioxide, which is a gas, is released into the atmosphere through the muffler. And water that has become hot due to combustion is also discharged through the muffler.

In the whole process Piston ring manufacturers have an important function. 

Normally, it is cooled to water. But when steam that could not be cooled. Comes into contact with low temperature outside air. It appears as steam.

Most of the time, it disappears 30 to 40 cm away from the muffler and has no odor. There is a peculiar odor to exhaust gas.

However, if the smoke from the muffler doesn’t disappear easily, you may have the following problems.

If white smoke comes out when the car accelerates

The engine oil has a lubricating action to reduce friction between piston rings. A sealing action to seal out gaps between components to prevent gas leakage.

A cooling action to absorb heat inside the engine. And a washing action to take in and clean dirt inside the engine. Piston ring manufacturers play various roles such as:

 Rust prevention that protects the engine interior from rust.

This engine oil, never gets into the combustion chamber. Because it circulates throughout the engine by the pump. This is because the piston ring.  It is a part between the piston and the cylinder.

Moreover, it is in close contact with the cylinder. And the oil on the outer wall of the combustion chamber is properly scraped out.

However, if the piston ring wears and creates a gap. That makes it impossible to scrape out the engine oil sufficiently. Oil will enter the combustion chamber. This is called “oil up”.

If white smoke is emitted when starting or decelerating the engine

If the rubber part of the stem seal becomes hard, oil may enter the combustion chamber.

Piston ring manufacturers call it “oil down”. In which the negative pressure is created in the combustion chamber.
Both oil rising and oil falling are problems. That often occur when the engine oil deteriorates. And long-distance driving is performed without regular replacement.

Why does white smoke emit?

The fact that white smoke is emitted means that the oil that has entered the combustion chamber. It is still burning. So, if left as it is, in the worst case. The piston will burn. And you will spend hundreds of thousands of yen to overhaul the engine. You will have to.

In other scenario, you may contact to Piston ring manufacturers for piston seal replacement.

What are the other possible causes?

If there is a smell of coolant inside the engine room, it is necessary to inspect it immediately.

There is a part called a head gasket between the cylinder block of the engine and the cylinder head to keep the airtightness. This will prevent oil or cooling water from seeping into the gap between the block and head.

What is the role of head gasket?

The head gasket is usually made of a thin metal plate, and crushes it to improve the airtightness.

However, when the cooling water pipe deteriorates, the amount of cooling water leaks. It becomes small. Moreover, if you run without notice and overheat occurs, the block and head will be distorted by the heat.

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When to change piston rings?

Similarly, the oil and cooling water from the gap will enter the combustion chamber. If they become white smoke and come out of the muffler, it needs to be repaired. In this case Piston ring manufacturers can help you.