Why do seal manufacturers recommend oil seals to every machine?

Why do seal manufacturers recommend oil seals to every machine?


Important instructions after purchasing a new oil seal

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Oil seal manufacturers introduction

An oil seal is a product that acts as a seal against oil leaks. seal manufacturers now days are developing latest technology oil seals. These are very effective against oil leaking.

So where do you prevent the oil from leaking?

Various machine products have parts that cause “friction” when the inside of the machine is driven. Normally, oil such as lubricating oil is inserted to make it easier for this friction part to move.

However, if seal manufacturers just insert it, the oil will inevitably leak out from the gap of the machine. Therefore, by protecting the frictional part with an oil seal, the oil put in for lubrication is prevented from leaking out.
The role of the oil seal is not limited to that. It not only prevents the lubricating oil from leaking out, but also plays a role in preventing the ingress of dust, and even earth and sand from the outside.

seal manufacturers explain Oil seal structure

seal manufacturers mainly use oil seals for sealing for rotation. But it is also called the seal for rotating shaft. The structure of the oil seal consists of a:

  • “spring” that presses against the surface of the rotating shaft
  • a “lip” that acts as a wall that prevents oil from leaking.
  • It is composed of a “reinforcing ring” that fixes the oil seal.

The outer lip of the machine is called the “secondary lip”. And the inner lip of the machine is called the “main lip”.

 What is double lip oil seal?


An oil seal consisting of two lips like this is called a “double lip”.

In order to seal the oil inside the main lip to prevent it from leaking, it is necessary to take care not to make a mistake in the mounting direction. Because the angle inside and outside is different.

The term “seal” is used to imagine what is attached. But originally it means “to seal.” The oil seal is a packing type seal that prevents oil.

Why seal manufacturers are popular in making oil seals?

It has the role of preventing oil from leaking. Moreover, seal manufacturers use it in many places in parts and machines that require oil. We will explain in detail about oil seals, which can be said to be essential parts for today’s machine parts and industrial products.

Oil is often used for mechanical parts such as engines and motors. It acts as a lubricating oil and ensures smooth operation without friction between machine parts. Machines that have a mechanism such as rotation will rub against each other due to metal parts. These parts will eventually become hot and deform without oil and become unusable.

Oils are often used in:

  • friction-sensitive parts to
  • reduce friction,
  • escape temperature, and so on.

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Simply adding oil will temporarily moisten the parts with oil. But if you use a machine, it will leak out and eventually the oil will run out. Then, mechanical parts eventually lose oil and become hot due to frictional heat.

And eventually they become deformed and unusable. Therefore, it is the seal manufacturers that prevents the oil once filled from leaking out.

How do seal manufacturers make oil seals?

The oil seal is usually made up of a metal ring and rubber. And is shaped like a bearing. Inside the ring is a coil that pushes the rubber outward.

By filling the friction parts such as the cylinders of machine parts with oil.  And installing an oil seal on those parts, it is possible to make the machine parts move smoothly. While preventing oil from leaking.

This coil works to push out the rubber. So that it can be firmly attached to machine parts. Moreover, it eliminates gaps and prevent oil from leaking.

In this way, the seal manufacturers play a role of preventing oil from leaking out.

But depending on the machine, some parts have the purpose of:

  • blocking water
  • chemicals
  • gas, etc.
  • in addition to oil.

Why do seal manufacturers make oil seal lip?

The “seal lip” has the role of:

  • stabilizing the effects of vibration
  • temperature rise
  • pressure rise, etc. due to the operation of mechanical parts.


With the help of these parts, seal manufacturers make up the oil seal. Since it causes friction, it becomes very hot. But the oil lowers the temperature and prevents deformation of the oil seal.

In addition, it cannot be said that the service life is until how many times it is used and how many hours it is used. The higher the friction frequency and temperature, the shorter the life tends to be.

Also, the higher the pressure, the shorter the service life. Furthermore, using chemicals rather than oil tends to shorten the service life.

Items for which an oil seal is used

seal manufacturers use Oil seals in various parts.

It is used in the:

  • direct acting parts of automobiles
  • ship engines
  • suspensions and shock absorbers.

In addition, it is widely used in construction machinery

  • machine tools
  • plants, and
  • electrical appliances.

How many types of oil seal seal manufacturers make?


There are three types of oil seals:

  1. one for rotation
  2. one for pressure,
  3. and one for sliding.

Rotating is used for rotating parts. Pressure is used for parts where oil pressure is applied. And sliding is used for parts with direct movement.

For example, in car engines, seal manufacturers use oil seals in about 60 places.  In everyday life, it is used for shafts of cars and motorcycles. Subsequently, we also have the opportunity to see the oil seal during maintenance.

How do seal manufacturers replace the oil seal?

The oil seal is a major enemy of foreign matter such as dust and dirt. So be careful when replacing it.

First, prepare a new oil seal and check that the seal is free of dust and dirt. If there is dust on the oil seal, wash it off with the lubricant used. Do not wipe it with a cloth.

Remove the old oil seal and install the new one with the seal lip facing towards the part to which it will fit. For mounting to the housing, use the built-in jig.

To make it smooth, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil and apply it just before installing. If you leave it uncoated, the rubber part will deteriorate. seal manufacturers recommend the same method.

 It may be difficult to align the axes with a heavy shaft, so we will try to fix it with tools.

After firmly installing and installing the oil seal, perform a trial run of the machine to check if oil leaks. You can discard the old oil seal that you removed.

Important instructions after purchasing a new oil seal

After purchasing and preparing a new oil seal, be careful to store it until it is used.

Such as:

  • by not exposing it to direct sunlight or
  • placing it in high temperature.
  • Storage in these bad environments will deteriorate the rubber.

Note: Also check that the rubber is not cracked before mounting.  Don’t put oil seal near a heater.

Why do seal manufacturers recommend oil seals to every machine?

Oil seals are components that prevent the leakage of lubricating oil. Moreover, seal manufacturers highly recommend these seals for machines that require lubricant.

This is an important part because if the lubricating oil does not leak, mechanical parts may be deformed by frictional heat and become useless. It is also used in cars and motorcycles. And you can also replace it yourself when performing maintenance.