Why it is important for oil seal manufacturers to design a perfect sealing mechanism?

Why it is important for oil seal manufacturers to design a perfect sealing mechanism?


Oil seal manufacturers oils seal production and selling process

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What is a valve oil seal? oil seal manufacturers explain

Simple understanding of an oil seal is a type of mechanical element that plays the role of sealing oil. It does not allow the hydraulic transmission system of the machine to leak oil. Perhaps that is the reason, it is very common among oil seal manufacturers.

  Therefore, this type of mechanical element seal oil seal has good performance in oil resistance and hydraulic oil. Seals used in static and dynamic sealing are called seals.

The representative of the oil seals is the Tc oil seal. Also known as the double-lip oil seal. It is made of rubber and plays a completely covered oil-sealing effect with a self-tightening spring. The oil seal manufacturers generally refer to this type of oil seal as the Tc skeleton oil seal.

oil seal manufacturers 2 sealing mechanisms

The sealing mechanism of the oil seal involves two factors:

  1. One is the seal of the cavity.Mainly the positioning of the outer edge of the oil seal in the cavity.
  2. The second is the dynamic seal between the sealing lip and the surface of the rotating shaft.Which is the oil seal the most important function.

oil seal manufacturers fix the outer edge of the oil seal is to ensure the stable sealing position of the oil seal in the cavity. And the hole, and it is easy to assemble. Generally, the metal frame is covered with rubber material. Which combines the reliable static sealing ability of the rubber elastomer.

Moreover, the advantages of the metal frame to support positioning. The outer edge of the oil seal is chamfered to facilitate assembly. In addition, the design of the groove on the outer edge of the oil seal can increase the adhesion. Similarly, it can avoid the risk of the oil seal retreating and skewing.

It also increases the press fit tolerance. Furthermore, it can improve the reliability of the static seal of the oil seal. The oil seal with the outer edge designed as a metal outer frame is suitable for occasions. Requiring particularly strong and accurate installation in the cavity.

It should be noted that when the inner surface of the oil seal seat hole is rough, oil seal manufacturers should apply the sealant. Sealant can be used at the seal seat.

Why it is important for oil seal manufacturers to design a perfect sealing mechanism?

The sealing mechanism of the sealing lip contact area of ​​the oil seal is extremely important for the sealing function of the oil seal. oil seal manufacturers develop it for following reasons:

  • the design of the sealing lip
  • the structure of the elastic material
  • the roughness of the shaft surface.
  • The combined effects of the radial force of the sealing lip
  • The design of the angle of the sealing lip and
  • the design of the distance between the tip of the lip and
  • the center of the spring
  1. Overview: The oil seal is a sealing element used to seal the rotating shaft in mechanical equipment. While the cavity is basically stationary.
  2. Sealing status of oil seal:The static seal between the outer edge of the oil seal and the cavity.While ensuring the reliable positioning of the outer edge of the oil seal between the cavity.

The sealing state between the oil seal lip. And the shaft is a dynamic seal when the shaft rotates. And a static seal when the shaft is stationary.

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The role of oil seals in oil seal manufacturers industry


While purchasing and using the skeleton oil seal, oil seal manufacturers must understand the requirements of the working medium of the mechanical equipment. Moreover, user must pay attention to several precautions. The preparation work is to avoid more unnecessary quality problems.

  1. Avoid high-temperature aging of skeleton oil seal;
  2. The skeleton oil seal must be stored in a sealed package to avoid contact with moisture or dust in the air

The skeleton oil seal must avoid the strong light irradiation. Moreover, to avoid the skeleton oil seal being eroded by ozone in the air or premature aging. So, we recommend that the oil seal manufacturers must check whether the skeleton oil seal is stored properly.

oil seal manufacturers oils seal production and selling process

  1. Understand customer needs
    through communication to understand customer product needs.
  2. After the quotation
    demand is determined, the quotation action can be carried out.
  3. After the order confirmation and
    quotation confirmation, the oil seal manufacturersterminate the order and confirms the order.
  4. After the purchase
    order is confirmed by the customer. The personnel of the purchasing department will carry out the purchase operation of the relevant raw materials.
  5. Incoming material inspection/material warehousing
    According to the barcode on the process sheet after feeding, the product number to which this material belongs will be ran out after scanning. Oil seal manufacturer should measure the weight of the iron shell

After the production plan materials are prepared, the health management personnel can arrange:

  • the time for the preparation of the mold
  • the machine
  • and the on-line production and the time of the post-production process according to the shipment time.

oil seal manufacturers hot press molding operation

oil seal manufacturers prepare jigs, set the vulcanization time, temperature and pressure of the machine to facilitate the first trial production.

After the trial production, the machine operator will check the first piece, confirm that:

  • the finished product sizes
  • type
  • lettering
  • color and appearance are in accordance with the label on the production process sheet
  • and then the hot press molding mass production operation can be carried out.

What is oil seal manufacturers secondary vulcanization operation?

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Some products require secondary vulcanization to strengthen the adhesion of the rubber compound. Subsequently, different compounds have different temperature and time settings.

After the second vulcanization is completed, oil seal manufacturers should take out the finished products and cool within five minutes.

Renovation/combination operations
On the product size:

  • select the appropriate fixture
  • jig
  • Tool
  • adjust the speed
  • degree and tool distance in order to carry out trial repair actions.

After the trial repair is completed, measure the dimensions according to the finished product drawings. To confirm that the dimensions are within the required tolerances. After passing, oil seal manufacturers can perform batch refurbishment.
Generally, some products are composed of two parts. During the trial combination, the machine needs to be adjusted according to the product size. After passing, the batch combination action can be performed.

oil seal manufacturers finished product inspection work

oil seal manufacturers must go through sampling measurement and appearance quality inspection before shipment.

  • Measure the inner and outer diameter
  • height and lip size,
  • and record in detail in the production daily report for traceability.

In the part of appearance quality inspection, oil seal manufacturer should note that 

  • the iron shell must not be rust
  • the outer diameter is scratch
  • and the overflow material
  • the rubber must not have bubbles
  • sticky mold
  • lack of material and broken lip protection.

Before packing, oil seal manufacturers should check the product number, type, size, and color re-packaging operation. Simultaneously, the packaging method package according to the customer’s needs.

If the customer has no special requirements, it packages according to the company’s standard packaging method. Therefore generally using plastic bags or wrapping paper.