How can piston ring manufacturers improve piston ring performance?

How can piston ring manufacturers improve piston ring performance?


Piston Ring Manufacturers

4 important functions of piston ring

piston ring manufacturers

piston ring manufacturer introduction

Everyone knows that the piston is a part of the cylinder body in the automobile engine. Due to piston ring manufacturers skill it repeatedly operates back and forth.

The piston can be divided into three basic structures:

  1. Top
  2. Head
  3. and skirt.

The main part of the fuel chamber is the top of the piston. The piston ring is divided into gas ring and oil ring. The gas ring is mainly for sealing and heat transfer.

In order to prevent the combustible gas mixture and high temperature fuel gas from leaking out, and to avoid overheating of the piston.

piston ring manufacturers mainly use oil ring to scrape off excess oil from the cylinder wall. When the piston ring is working, it needs to be affected by the high temperature and high-pressure gas in the cylinder.

And slides in the cylinder at high speed under the poor conditions of piston ring manufacturers. This not only aggravates the wear of the ring and ring groove, but also causes the piston ring to be bent. It eventually leads to breakage.

What is a Piston ring? piston ring manufacturers explains

A piston ring is a ring made of high-strength. Almost abrasion-free metal. That sits in the upper part of a piston and is not needed. But an internal combustion engine needs it.

It seals the piston against the cylinder and wipes off the engine oil so that it does not burn. With simple engines it is a ring. With modern engines it is more per piston.

Between piston and cylinder, it is a necessary part for the engine to work efficiently. According to expert piston ring manufacturers, the piston ring has four main functions.

4 important functions of piston ring?

Function to keep the airtightness in the cylinder between the piston and the cylinder wall

The lid is so hard that the combustion gas generated during the explosion does not leak into the gap between the piston and cylinder.

If the combustion gas leaks, it will not be able to exert sufficient power. And fuel consumption will increase. It is not economically and environmentally good.

2- Function to always create the minimum necessary lubricating oil film to prevent seizure

The piston ring reciprocates with the piston thousands or more times per minute in the cylinder of the engine.  While exposed to the hot combustion gases.

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At that time, the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall is controlled to the necessary minimum. Subsequently, it majorly depends on the crafting skill of piston ring manufacturers.

So that the piston ring and cylinder do not seize. And excess lubricating oil does not enter the combustion chamber.

3- Function to release heat received by piston to cylinder

If a gas explosion occurs, the temperature inside the piston will rise to approximately 300°C. If the heat accumulates in the piston, it can damage the engine.

So, piston ring manufacturers must dissipate it from the inside. It is this piston ring that is helping you.

4- Function to prevent the piston from coming into strong contact with the cylinder wall

If the piston is tilted at an angle, it will come into contact with various parts while moving. It will also cause engine failure.

Note: A piston ring supports the piston so that it can move up and down smoothly.

What Type of piston ring, piston ring manufacturers develop?

  1. Twisted ring
  • Asymmetrical section
  • unbalanced force
  • twisted piston ring
  • eliminating “pump oil effect”.

The work schedule is the same as the rectangular ring. piston ring manufacturers cut off the upper edge of the inner circle as a positive twist ring. The lower edge of the inner circle is cut off as a reverse twist ring.

 Second, the cone ring

The contact surface of the ring and the cylinder wall is reduced. And the surface contact pressure is increased. Moreover, it is beneficial to running-in and sealing. Similarly, poor heat transfer doesn’t let the piston perform well.

  1. Barrel shape

piston ring manufacturers make outer circle:

  • convex arc shape
  • sealing, running-in
  • good adaptability
  • reduce wear

piston ring manufacturers

Four, trapezoid ring


  • Good adhesion resistance
  • often used as diesel engine air ring
  1. The twisted ring has a simple structure. It is easy to manufacture, easy to produce. Moreover, it has a wide range of applicationss. Furthermore, it has poor running-in properties and has a “pump oil effect”.

What is Pump oil action and harm of piston ring?

 Reasons: (1) There are backlash

(2) When the ring moves, it moves up and down in the ring groove.

piston ring manufacturers explain this Phenomenon: 

When the piston goes down with the ring, the ring rests above the ring groove. And the lubricating oil scraped from the cylinder wall of the ring fills the ring groove.

When the piston goes up with the ring at this time, the ring leans against the ring groove again. And at the same time squeezes oil onto the ring groove.

So repeatedly, the lubricant is pumped to the top of the piston.


(1) Increased consumption of lubricating oil

(2) The spark plug will not jump if caught in oil

(3) The accumulation of carbon in the combustion chamber increases

(4) Carbon deposits are formed in the ring groove

(5) Intensified the wear of the cylinder.


(1) Use twisted ring;

(2) Adopt combined oil ring;

(3) There is a decompression chamber under the oil ring.

 Piston Ring manufacturers process of customization

Special piston ring customization is not done by general piston ring manufacturers. Because their technology is not in place and the equipment has not followed the advanced pace. And then even if the piston ring is made, it will not reach the quality.

  1. Special piston ring processing method:

According to the different methods of piston ring molding, there are two main methods of manufacturing piston rings:

1.1 Heat setting method

1.2 Single ellipse method:

The single ellipse method belongs to mechanical setting. We can use it to manufacture equal-pressure rings and non-isostatic rings. But mainly used to manufacture non-isostatic rings.

In designing the ellipse shape, piston ring manufacturers consider the relationship between elasticity and the size of the ring.

In the heat setting method, the formation of the free shape of the ring mainly depends on the heat setting. Therefore, tempering will occur at high temperature. It will cause the elasticity of the ring to disappear.

Due to the different setting properties, the life of the piston ring made by the previous method is relatively long. The heat setting method is common to manufacture isobaric rings.

From the perspective of the processing process, the single ellipse method requires special molds and grinders for casting and machining. Moreover, the equipment is complicated.

And the heat setting is simpler than the previous method in terms of casting or mechanical processing. So, it has high productivity and low cost. The former method is suitable for mass production. And the latter method is suitable for:

  • Large
  • medium and
  • small batch production.

Modern piston ring combustion engines

Modern internal combustion engines have a complex structure in comparison with analogues produced at the dawn of the automotive industry. This is due to the fact that to ensure stability, economy and efficiency. Piston Ring manufacturers install additional electronic systems on the power unit.

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Despite the subtlety of electrical systems, the ICE device hasn’t changed much. The main elements of the unit are:

  • Crank mechanism;
  • Piston cylinder unit;
  • Intake and exhaust manifold;
  • Gas distribution mechanism;
  • Engine lubrication system.

Mechanisms such as crank and gas distribution should be synchronized. This result is achieved thanks to the drive. It can be belt or chain.

Each power unit performs an important function, without which stable operation of the power unit is impossible. Piston Ring manufacturers tell what function the piston in the engine performs, as well as its device.

The importance of piston ring in engine

This part is installed in all internal combustion engines. Without it, it is impossible to guarantee the rotation of the crankshaft. Regardless of the modification of the unit, the operation of the piston is unchanged.

Piston Ring manufacturers attach this part to the connecting rod. That in turn is attached to the crankshaft crank. It allows you to convert the energy released as a result of combustion.

The space above the piston is called the working chamber. It takes all the clocks from the car’s engine:

  • The inlet valve opens and the air is mixed with the fuel  or the air itself is drawn in into a diesel engine
  • At the highest point, a spark is supplied to the compressed air-fuel mixture. A strong release of energy is formed in the cavity.  Due to which there is an expansion that moves the piston down;
  • As soon as it reaches its lowest point, the exhaust valve opens and the exhaust gases are removed through the exhaust manifold.


The main function of the piston is to set the crankshaft in motion by pushing the connecting rod. This action occurs when the fuel-air mixture is ignited. The flat surface of the bottom absorbs all mechanical stresses. In the whole process, the role of piston Ring manufacturers is vital. 

Because he is the core body to provide quality pistons seals. Without durable seals, the piston wouldn’t work efficiently.

Besides this function, this part has some more properties:

It seals the working chamber in the cylinder. Due to which the explosion efficiency has a maximum percentage. If the o-rings are worn, the seal is affected. And, at the same time, the performance of the power unit decreases;

This feature deserves a separate article by professional piston Ring manufacturers.

Piston Ring manufacturers temperature control recommendations

But in short, when turned on inside the cylinder, the temperature rises sharply to 2 thousand degrees. To ensure that the part does not melt from it, it is extremely important to remove the heat.

This function is performed by the:

  1. sealing rings
  2. the piston pin and
  3. the connecting rod

But they are main elements that remove the heat are oil and a new portion of the air-fuel mixture. That is why it is very important to consult expert piston Ring manufacturers for any piston ring malfunction.


To date, piston Ring manufacturers have developed a large number of different piston modifications. The main task in this case is to obtain a “gold average”. It should be between the reduction of wear of the parts, the productivity of the unit and an adequate cooling of the contact elements.

To cool the piston better, a larger number of wide rings are required. But with this, the efficiency of the engine decreases. It happens because some of the energy will go through more friction.

How does piston Ring manufacturers intake system work?

Piston Ring manufacturers design the intake system to supply air to the engine. The fuel system supplies fuel to the engine. The joint work of these systems ensures the formation of an air-fuel mixture. The fuel system is based on an injection system.

The ignition system provides forced ignition of the air-fuel mixture in gasoline engines. In diesel engines, due to a higher compression ratio, self-ignition of the mixture occurs.

Why do piston Ring manufacturers use lubricants?

The role of the lubrication system is to reduce the friction between the coupled parts of the engine. The cooling of the engine parts heated during operation is carried out by the cooling system.

The exhaust system provides important functions of removing exhaust gases from the engine cylinders. Moreover, it also reduces noise and toxicity.

The operation of the piston engine is carried out cyclically. Each duty cycle takes place over two revolutions of the crankshaft and includes four clock cycles.

  1. Entrance;
  2. compression
  3. work stroke
  4. problem

Only reliable piston Ring manufacturers can save you from piston seal sudden problems.

The purpose of the pistons

We have repeatedly mentioned that the piston plays a very important role in the entire operation of the automobile engine. Hence, the main purpose of the pistons is:

– take the pressure of the gases from the combustion chamber and transmit these pressures to the engine in the form of mechanical force;

Thus, it protects the entire automotive mechanism from the penetration of gas into the crater and the penetration of lubricating oil.

In addition, the second function is more important for Piston Ring manufacturers. Because precisely for this reason the piston itself provides normal working conditions. Also, with regard to the technical condition of the engine, experts conclude only after inspecting the piston assembly and checking its sealing ability.  

After all, if the oil consumption exceeds 3% of the fuel then the entire engine of the car must be sent urgently for repair. You can turn off it at least. To understand that something wrong is happening with your engine, you can do it from the smoke of the exhaust gases. But this is best avoided.

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It’s not strange for Piston Ring manufacturers. But fuel also helps cool the piston and the engine as a whole.   So, when a new mixture of fuel and air enters the combustion chamber, it draws a lot of heat into itself.  Although it then gives it up in even greater quantities.

piston ring manufacturers summary

There are still some technical requirements for the piston that piston ring manufacturers should pay attention to. It must have sufficient strength.

  • not too much weight
  • light weight
  • good thermal conductivity
  • high temperature
  • high pressure
  • corrosion and
  • heat dissipation capacity

But its heating area is small. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small. The specific gravity is also small. And it has good friction reduction and thermal strength.

Pistons, as the key parts of a typical automobile, must have strong process characteristics. However, if piston ring manufacturers properly install the piston ring, it is easy to cause the combustion.

So, it is necessary to regularly check the working state of the piston to avoid the situation.