[One]Sealing Material and application of piston

by:DSH     2019-06-07

The piston used in construction machinery is sometimes called leather bucket. the Dongsheng seal tells you that the seal material used is made of leather and used in the hydraulic industry.The leather Bowl is still in use, especially for rough hole surfaces.However, the jacket rubber guarantees greater strength and stiffness.This kind of rubber seal is used for water pressure system, and later is made of synthetic rubber seal for oil pressure system.The synthetic rubber sealing material has now become a standard practice, and such rubber can be made more suitable for use in water, steam, oil and many chemical working environments (Media).

However, the combination of another seal material is made of a fiber reinforced synthetic rubber seal material instead of a clip-on rubber seal material.This results in greater flexibility and a smoother surface, especially suitable for the pneumatic sealing system of construction machinery, but also for the low pressure hydraulic sealing system of construction machinery.This-It is called 'semi-reinforcement '.In addition, rubber (No reinforcement)It can also be used in special low pressure working environment, especially in smaller size.

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[One]Sealing Material and application of piston for construction machinery?

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