Piston ring suppliers explain 3 types of reliable piston rings

Piston ring suppliers explain 3 types of reliable piston rings


What are the three major functions of piston rings?


Rings and seals are highly advantageous to use in different components and machines. Basically, they block a path that can otherwise allow gas or a liquid to escape. Piston rings seal the combustion chamber. Further, piston ring suppliers can provide you these rings for all your needs.

Moreover, manufacturers place piston rings inside a groove to secure them in place. In fact, they are useful to compress between two surfaces. In this article, we have tried to collect all the necessary information about these rings.

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So, let’s try to find out more interesting facts about piston rings.

What is a piston ring? piston ring suppliers

The piston ring is generally a metallic split ring. Manufacturers in various industries attach it to the outer diameter of a piston in an internal steam engine or combustion engine. Further, a piston ring is a special ring on a piston that piston ring suppliers provide in almost all industries.

Basically, it helps to seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall. Furthermore, these rings are essential components that allow the engine to operate more efficiently. Moreover, piston rings include four major functions. Such as,

  • they help in compression gas sealing;
  • also, control the lubricating oil film;
  • these rings are ideal to transfer heat;
  • piston rings support the piston in the cylinder.

Piston ring manufacturers classify and manufacture these rings on the basis of usability and function.  Moreover, the primary usage of these rings is to seal the chamber where the piston is moving. These chambers can be a combustion chamber of a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine.

What is the purpose of the piston rings? Piston ring suppliers

The piston ring suppliers state that pistons are special cylindrical engine components. They actually slide back and forth in the cylinder bore by using forces produced through the combustion process.

Piston rings can seal the combustion chamber. They actually transfer heat to the cylinder wall as well as control the oil consumption. These rings can maintain the compression of gas between the cylinder wall and the piston.

Additionally, piston rings also can firmly seal the cylinder. Hence, combustion gas generated at the time of ignition can’t leak into the opening between the cylinder and the piston.

How does a piston ring work? piston ring suppliers

Basically, a piston ring is an expandable split ring that you can easily get from piston ring suppliers. As you know that piston is a moving disk. Moreover, this moving disk has been enclosed inside the cylinder.


These rings work via transferring the force output of expanding gas in the cylinder to a crankshaft. Hence, it provides a rotational momentum to a flywheel. We usually call such systems a reciprocating engine.

What are the three major functions of piston rings?

The three major purposes of using piston seals are:

  1. They seal the combustion chamber. Hence, there is minimum loss of gases to the crankcase
  2. They can highly improve heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall
  3. Further, they maintain the precise quantity of the oil between the piston and the cylinder wall.

What are the 3 types of piston rings? piston ring suppliers

Usually, you can get 3 main types of piston rings from piston ring suppliers. Such as:

  1. Compression ring
  2. Wiper ring
  • And oil ring.

Compression ring:

These rings can provide sealing above the piston. Furthermore, they can prevent gas leakage from the side of combustion. Compression rings are placed in the first grooves of the piston.

Wiper ring:

This type of piston ring is present on the bottom of a piston. Its main function is to scrape lubricating oil away from the cylinder walls of a reciprocating engine. Basically, its main function is to prevent the oil from getting into the combustion chamber of the cylinder.

Oil ring:

It is placed in the ring groove that is closest to the crankcase. Further, it has used to wipe extra oil from the cylinder wall during the movement of the piston.

Which is the top piston ring? piston ring suppliers

Generally, piston ring suppliers refer top ring as the compression ring. Moreover, this ring is essential to install. Usually, you can find it in a lighter shade of silver color. In fact, you should never try to run an engine without this top ring.

You will have to face critical problems as power loss will occur as well as the engine will damage.

What causes piston ring failure? piston ring suppliers

There are actually 3 main reasons to arise piston ring failure. These are:

Reason  1:

Piston rings fail due to insufficient rubbing conditions between the cylinder and the piston.

Reason  2:

They can also be damaged because of excessive operating temperature or inadequate cooling. Furthermore, piston rings also become possibly defective by poor combustion conditions.

Reason 3:

The piston ring suppliers explain that piston rings become faulty due to the poor strength or stiffness of the piston.

What are the symptoms of bad piston rings?

We have arranged a helpful list of the most common symptoms of bad piston rings for you. So, you can easily learn these symptoms as it really can help to avoid your engines getting defective. Hence, deeply understand these symptoms!

  • Your engine may excessive oil consumption
  • You will examine gray or white exhaust smoke
  • There will be low power for acceleration
  • You may face poor performance or an overall loss of power.

What does a bad piston sound like? piston ring suppliers

The piston ring suppliers describe that you may experience the sounds like hollow sound or continuous dull or inaudible sounds. Additionally, this continual piston slap noise points out that your engine needs service.

But if you hear such sounds only when your engine is cold then don’t panic. Since it is not any serious problem or fault.

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How do I know if my piston rings are bad? piston ring suppliers

Basically, it is very simple to test the faults of your piston rings. If you accelerate and blue smoke continually comes out until RPM is high all the time these are rings. However, if your engine exhales the smoke only for a few seconds after acceleration then these are valve seals.

Further, you will also face the poor performance of your engine. So, all these symptoms are of defective piston rings.