10 most common oil seals manufacturers Materials

10 most common oil seals manufacturers Materials


How oil seals are important for optimal performances?

No matter in which industry you are, perfection of manufacturing of any mechanical equipment totally depends on its optimum performance. For optimal performance you have to choose perfect oil seals manufacturers. Hence, you add oil seals in all your equipment for ideal and long-lasting output without any breakdown or complications.
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Moreover, customers will only rely on those oil seals manufacturers who will produce long life products or mechanical equipment. So, the mechanical products which use oil seals with high accuracy will perform greatly under extreme conditions. They will also give their best even in outdoors and during hard circumstances.

Furthermore, for the satisfaction of consumers manufacturers should add oil seals which can maintain the perfect efficiency of mechanical products.

What are oil seals? Oil seal manufacturers

Oil seals are actually rotary shaft seals and mechanical engineers commonly use them in their products. Basically, they use these oil seals to separate oil or grease inside the equipment. Oil seals manufacturers also use these seals to protect their products from dust and water to get inside the machine. Furthermore, oil seals actually have,

  • a flexible rubber sealing lip
  • a helical tensioned spring
  • and a helical tensioned spring.

Hence, a flexible rubber sealing lip rubs against the rotating shaft in order to avoid the leakage. In fact, the spring maintains the contact of lip with the shaft. Furthermore, these oil seals are actually dynamic seals which include a rotating member and a stationary member. This rotor in fact turns with the shaft.

The main purpose of the oil seal is to close the gap between moving and stationary parts of any machine or equipment. Oil seals manufacturers have designed these seals to keep the fluids separate and retain. Moreover, oil seals also prevent the grease and oil to intermixture. If the oil seal will fail to perform its job you have to face some serious damages in your machine.

Hence, the performance of your products and machines totally relies on the selection of good oil seals.

What are the general features of oil seals?

The main purpose of oil seals is to provide best sealing performance and corrosion resistant.

Actually, these oil seals are,

  • inexpensive
  • quite simple
  • compact
  • light-weight

components. These oil seals basically serve two functions:

1: To avoid the leakage of,

  • lubricants
  • chemicals

2: also save the entry of impurities like,

  • dust
  • dirt
  • corrosion

into complicated or even simple machinery or products. Oil seals manufacturers have designed these oil seals for ideal production. It is very cheaper and low-cost in comparison to other main industrial parts or components like,

  • shafts
  • bearings

10 most common materials which oil seals manufacturers use for oil seals

In fact, manufacturers have created oil seals from several different materials. Moreover, they select these materials according to the needs and demands of customers.

But here are 10 most common types which manufacturers use to construct best oil seals for your ideal products. These most common kinds of materials are:

  • PTFE
  • Silicon
  • Nitrile
  • Fluoroelastomer ( Viton )
  • Polyacetal
  • Nitrile Buna Rubber
  • Polyacetal
  • Fluorocarbon
  • PTFE Filled Polyamid
  • Fluoro-Silicone.

Types of oil seals which Oil seals manufacturers produce

Oil seals are ideal to prevent leakage and are corrosion resistant. Moreover, these seals are easily available in several sizes in order to match the different applications and machines. Here we are providing some of the most common types of oil seals manufactured by oil seals manufacturers. These are:

  • A single lip rubber coated w/spring
  • BDL double lip
  • BODL double lip metal case
  • BO single lip – metal case
  • AODL double lip

Manufacturers advise that it is really important for machines to select the right type according to their needs. Furthermore, sealing performance really effect the overall result of the products.

Which 4 factors oil seals manufacturers consider for optimal performance?

Remarkable technicians and maintaining engineers must pay a full attention to the following factors while selecting oil seals. Moreover, they have to select the best materials according to these 4 parameters such as,

  1. pressure
  2. temperature
  3. lubricants

Here is complete detail of all these parameters.

  1. Pressure:

Oil seals manufacturers mostly manufacture the oil seals for low pressure products and applications. Hence, they will not perform better in high pressures. So, always make sure that you are using oil seals according to the temperatures.

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Moreover, for optimal performance you have to select high pressure oil seals for high pressure products. Additionally, you can also move to pressure free structure.


Mechanical designers have to pay their full attention in selecting the material according to the temperatures. They should know the exact temperature of the environment where they are using oil seals. They should select the material for oil seals which better suits the temperature of products’ environment.

oil seals which oil seals manufacturers have designed for the low temperature will develop cracks or damages in high pressure. So, the type of oil seals really affects the performance of the products. Hence, always select oil seals that are suitable for temperature.


If you want to improve the performance of your oil seals, you have to choose the oil that is perfect for your product. Moreover, it has to be compatible with the rubber of seal lip. There should be perfect compatibility between lubricants and materials of oil seals.

So that they can give you maximum performance. If there is no compatibility between the both then you can face serious damages.


Oil seals manufacturers advise the designers to pay their full attention in order to fit the oil seal. If it has not fitted at its place, it can cause excessive wear at one side. And in this way, it will cause to shorten the lifespan of oil seal.

So, always get sure that shaft and bore centers are perfectly in line. Moreover, they should fix properly. If they not fit accurately then they can cause leakage of lubricants. In this way the performance of machines or products will extremely effected.

What are the famous applications of oil seals?

As we know that oil seals are become part and parcel for all the mechanical equipment. Furthermore, oil seals which oil seals manufacturers produce have now used by designers in,

  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • material handling
  • construction
  • gas and oil
  • mining and many more.

But mechanical engineers are also using them in assembly of,

  • Engines
  • Conveyors
  • Wind Turbines
  • Grinding Mills
  • Elevators
  • Pipelines, etc.


Basically, oil seals allow all the mechanical equipment and applications to perform perfectly and trustworthy. They prevent the leakage and provide the best sealing features between the parts. Moreover, without oil seals the products will not perform accurately and become non-functional.

oil seals expand the life span of your products and hence your customers will rely on your products. Oil seals manufacturers are serving in all industries by producing these seals. So oil seals are also helpful to reduce the friction among several parts.

But for best performance you should pay full attention to select the perfect oil seals for your products. The best oil seals are those which fulfils all your needs in different applications. In fact, you have to consider all the needs of your products and should select the ideal material for maximum production.