4 important points you need to know about seals manufacturers

4 important points you need to know about seals manufacturers


Which material seals manufacturers use in oil seals? (O rings Guide 2020)

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Seals manufacturers are the most versatile sealing elements on the market. So today we bring you some important points to let you know a little more about this product.

Advantages of the seals manufacturers

This sealing device has numerous advantages. Among which we can mention the following:

  • Affordable cost
  • It has a reasonable service life
  • Can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • It can be subjected to different pressures, positive or negative
  • manufactured in different types of materials
  • It can be manufactured in different sizes, all according to the customer’s needs
  • When device failures occur, they are easy to identify
  • Simple assembly

Seals manufacturers applications

Seals manufacturers are widely popular in static systems. They are providing their services for auto industry too.

Another point that must be analyzed for sealing in a dynamic system is the support surface of the ring. So that there is no premature wear. Moreover, there is no damage to the machine structure.

Model variations 

You will also find some variations of the traditional o’ring model, such as the x-ring.
The x-ring has a different shape:

  • non-circular
  • and has four sealing surfaces
  • two on the top and
  • two on the bottom

They are usually used in rotating systems.

Which material seals manufacturers use in oil seals?

In addition to traditional nitrile rubber, seals manufacturers can make these seals with different materials.

Each material has its particularities. But the most used in the manufacture of this element are:
NBR: material most used in the manufacture of o-rings, nitrile rubber is indicated for seals in general;

Polyurethane: this material is a kind of plastic. It is formed by thermoplastic polymers. Moreover, it is a good substitute for synthetic or natural rubbers;

Viton: this elastomer has excellent resistance to high temperatures, and to chemical attacks;

Neoprene: it has exceptional resistance to deterioration.

EPDM: Generally, it works in a wide temperature window. Similarly, it can be applied in steam generators. They have good weather resistance.

Silicone: It has good resistance to high temperatures and chemical attacks. In addition, this material is not suitable for dynamic sealing. Because it has a low mechanical resistance. That is why, seals manufacturers rarely use it.

Seal Manufacturers: different types and uses

It is a mandatory component in several areas of the industry.  Subsequently, the sealing ring plays an essential role: sealing connections of all types. And while it may not seem like much at first glance, this simple component ensures that the industry at all scales works.

It is usually composed of variations of rubber. The seal ring is an element that looks like a circular and hollow rubber piece.

They work as an extremely resistant seal. Due to their excellent performance, seals manufacturers produce such rings on higher scale. You can find them in every industry almost. This mechanics ensures that the sealing ring supports high pressures. Moreover, it prevents leaks of any kind.

Its measures and characteristics change according to demand. Regardless of the scale, the sealing ring is an essential component for modern mechanics.  In short, it can be applied both to immobile joints.

What are the types of sealing rings and their application?

Different demands in the world of manufacturing forced seals manufacturers to create different types of sealing rings. In general, its function is the same. However, it is its characteristics that change.

Some can withstand heat very well; others can withstand the corrosion of the atmosphere, acids and so on.

Discover the main types of seal rings. Understand their most common applications and their main features!

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O-Ring Sealing Rings

The “o-ring” sealing ring has a circular shape and its body is round.

They are generally made from elastomers. It is a characteristic polymer because it is elastic. The materials can be:

  • Neoprene
  • ethylene propylene
  • nitrile rubber
  • nitrile rubber
  • Silicone and several others

The seals manufacturers use sealing ring in various hydraulic applications. They ensure sealing in connections, even in the face of:

  • high temperatures
  • acidity
  • corrosion of oils
  • Gasoline
  • ozone and in many other scenarios

How do seals manufacturers install sealing ring?

Its installation is very simple. Just place the sealing ring in the specific slot for the component and ensure that it is well aligned.

However, maintenance personnel must pay attention to the O-ring seals. Furthermore, he needs to carry out periodic checks. He can use lubricants too if it is necessary.

V-Ring Sealing Rings

The V-Ring sealing ring is manufactured for use on shafts. These shafts rotate and require protection against dirt, splashes, dust and debris.

It is a single piece of rubber with two protruding lips. Its sealing is axial, etc.

The sealing of the V-rings is normally without pressure. Subsequently, seals manufacturers make it in dry applications. The V-Ring seal ring, when installed, rotates along the axle axially. The movement, together with the shape of the piece, makes the lips protect the machine in question.

When it comes to manufacturing, the materials resemble the O-Ring model. However, V-Ring seals have several different profiles, such as:

VA type

For shorter mounting lengths, they are secured. In addition, they have less pressure on the shaft. The sealing lip seals at a right angle and protects the shaft. It can be used in electric motors, drives and more complex mechanisms, such as gearboxes.

VS type

The type V-Ring sealing ring VS is wider than normal. And it has a tapered shape.  This strengthens the seal’s permanence in place. They are generally used in automotive components and also in agricultural machinery.

Conclusion oil seals

In general, there are several other types of seal rings on the market.  Seals manufacturers are working hard to improve the performance of seals. Their profiles meet a wide range of demands. That is why they are found in countless material options.

Failures in the seal can decrease the efficiency of a machine or cause serious accidents. Therefore, choosing the right supplier that offers quality and safe sealing elements is a must!

Did you understand how vast the world of sealing rings is? There are several models and applications that move the entire industry! So, if you want to know a reliable supplier with experience in the market, visit Dshseals.