How do O Ring Suppliers Take the Measurement of an O-ring?

How do O Ring Suppliers Take the Measurement of an O-ring?


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Known for many years and appreciated for its efficiency, the O Ring Suppliers present in many areas of everyday life. Anyone can access their services for a very little money? In this guide, we will explain to you about choosing the best o rings for different purposes.

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What is an O-ring?

It is a part in the form of a ring. Generally, it makes it possible to ensure the seal between two interdependent parts. It is used a lot in domestic plumbing (valves, etc.). Similarly, it is also popular in the fields of mechanics or industry.

Generally, O Ring Suppliers design it in rubber material.  Moreover, this seal can be made of other materials according to the compatibility of the fluids. You can make it according to the mechanical resistance too.

Oil seals operate under radial or axial constraints. Moreover, these ensure a gap in static condition. There is no movement between two parts.

  • It supports many temperature variations
  • waterproof and perfectly resistant to bad weather
  • It resists residual deformation (retaining its shape and elasticity properties),
  • Its hardness varies between 70 and 90 Shores A
  • Takes up little space in the toolbox!

How do O Ring Suppliers take the measurement of an O-ring?

What you will need:
A caliper
A notebook and pencil to record your measurements


O Ring Suppliers propose different common situations can justify that you have to replace this type of component. For instance, when you work on a leaking faucet or on a dripping faucet! We recommend that you take the right steps before you run out and buy a new set of gaskets. Even though they are very cheap. To do this, use a caliper and:


  1. Do not try to overlap the old gasket to take the ribs. Its wear could have relaxed it, and distort the measure,
  2. Measure the section of the torus (its thickness),
  3. Measure the outside diameter of the torus,
  4. Moreover, measure its inside diameter .

How to ensure O Rng Protection?

How do O Ring Suppliers ensure good protection of these seals while increasing their service life. Similarly, how to reduce the risk of leaks caused by their deterioration?

A recurring question that many manufacturers ask themselves

“Using o ring lubricant is a new maintenance solution with an enriched formula. Hence, it protects and considerably increases the life of the O-rings used, regardless of their size.

O-rings are used for many industrial applications. And in particular in all cases where, in a small footprint, good sealing is necessary. Indeed, composed of rubber, NBR, or FPM, for example, the O-ring provides an excellent seal, both in:

  • static and
  • dynamic applications

Principle of operation of O Ring Suppliers

The O-ring is a basic sealing system commonly used in industry. It is a circular ring of round rubber section. O Ring Suppliers make it to mount in a groove and compress to prevent the passage of a fluid.

It can be used:

  • In static or dynamic mounting
  • For pressures and depressions
  • For all kinds of fluids or gases

The O-ring works by an initial tightening called compression. This tightening must be kept in all dimensional configurations of the assembly. (Groove at maximum dimension and joint at minimum).

As the rubber is incompressible, the volume of the groove must be greater than the volume of the O-ring.

Assembly advice for O rings

We strongly recommend that you contact your O-ring supplier for the design, choice of material and sizing of your O-ring seal.

Note: It is also important to carry out tests and validate your design with prototypes simulating the minimum and maximum compression.

The assembly of an O-ring can sometimes require a significant effort during assembly. It may come with following steps:

  • Screwing
  • lever arm
  • press, etc.

It is necessary to embed 30 ° chamfers on your pins and bores and shield to facilitate assembly and prevent extrusion of joints in the assembly.

Contact your supplier to check that the material of your O-rings is suitable for your conditions of use:

  • operating temperature range
  • pressure
  • nature of the fluid to be sealed
  • relative movement speed

The importance of O Ring Suppliers in your piping

The plumbing seal is very important to ensure the tightness of all your pipes and also that of your faucets. The seals should also be proportional to your mechanical fittings. Their diameter is assumed to be the same. You can ask for the best seal from nearest O Ring Suppliers.

Choose the o rings of your piping system

The plumbing seal should be selected based on the intended use. There are all types on the market. To be able to choose, you must therefore know which one you will need beforehand. If you have difficulty knowing it, do not hesitate to call on the expert O Ring Suppliers. In addition, plumbers recommend changing the gasket each time you work on a fitting.

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Seals and their uses

Seals can be fitted with a wide or narrow flange. The wide flange is useful for mechanical connections. On the other hand, the narrow flange is designed to seal the fitting.

There are also O-rings, which are used to seal the moving internal parts of the valve. In addition, flat rubber gaskets to seal plastic assemblies. Then there is the valve plug for drilled or full valves, which hermetically closes the plug valves.


The plumbing fitting must fit snugly into the fitting in which it is to be installed. You can take help from any good O ring suppliers. Fiber optic gaskets for flat-seat plumbing fittings are referred to by the thread size, in inches or millimeters. These values ​​should not be confused with the actual dimensions of the rubber seals. For the valve O-ring, it is necessary to determine the outside diameter and the cross section of the toroid. For the valve head seal, the outside diameter and thickness must be taken into account.