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HBY - Rod Hydraulic Buffer Seal

HBY - Rod Hydraulic Buffer Seal

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The HBY hydraulic buffer seal, mounted on the pressure side of the piston rod seal, is designed to improve the durability of the piston rod seal by venting the pressure back to the system side. The main parts of the buffer seal are the static lip, dynamic lip, radial slots, and radial channels. The static lip of the seal is optimized with high flexibility to relieve the interstage pressure. The dynamic lip can minimize the friction and backpressure under high-pressure condition. The radial slots of the buffer seal are designed to reduce the risk of blow-by. The radial channels, a vital element in the whole seal structure, facilitate back-pumping and relieve the pressure.

The hydraulic buffer seal is always used together with other rod seals, such as U-cup seal or Y seal, building a “tandem configuration.” The main functions of the buffer seal in the hydraulic system include several aspects. First, it buffers the shock pressure or pressure fluctuations produced by the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder, easing the backpressure. Second, the seal helps cooling down the temperature, prevents the overheat from transmitting to the seal, and reducing heat generated from the piston rod seal during operation. Third, it reduces the friction resistance caused by the piston rod seal in the hydraulic cylinder. In general, the buffer seal provides adequate lubrication to the piston rod seal or other main seals, and it can enhance the gap extrusion resistance. Thereby, it can extend the durability of the seal element.

In harsh conditions, machines or equipment often encounter dramatic swings in pressure, shock loads in temperature or side loads which affect the operation of the hydraulic system. This factor presents a significant and demanding challenge for the buffer seal. Fortunately, DSH Seals can optimize the buffer seals to match customers' specific hydraulic application needs. The buffer seals DSH Seals offers are especially suitable for heavy-duty, agricultural machinery, mobile, and industrial hydraulic applications, including bulldozers, earth moving equipment, cranes, dump trucks, motorized shovels, boom extension cylinders, wheel loaders, etc. HBY seals in DSH Seals are designed referring to the designs and applications of NOK's HBY, DZ's D-10 series.

Product Features

1. A long service life to minimize maintenance and downtime.

2. No adhesion to the sliding surface.

3. Effective in relieving any pressure built up in the hydraulic system.

4. Excellent abrasion and wear resistance.

5. Providing secondary sealing to reduce the influence of the pressure spikes.

6. Improving the rod seal life.

7. Leak-free performance.

8. Resistant against high temperature and pressure.

9. Low compression set.

10.The unique design of static and dynamic lips for superior performance.

◆◆ NBR / FKM rubber, POM

Material DescriptionNBR, FKM rubber, POM, and so on
Available ColorYelllow, black, and so on
Material StrengthThis is used in combination with rod packing to absorb the impact and fluctuating pressures at high load, to isolate high-temperature fluids, and to improve the durability of the packing. It has a specially shaped slit at the sliding lip that can leak backpressure and eliminates the pressure between the rod packing and the buffer ring. It is usually used with general petroleum hydraulic fluid oil.
Applied DeviceMobile hydraulic equipment / standard cylinder / presses/excavators

DSH-Find Hydraulic Rod Seals Hby - Hydraulic Rod Seal Buffer Ring
DSH-Find Hydraulic Rod Seals Hby - Hydraulic Rod Seal Buffer Ring-1
DSH-Find Hydraulic Rod Seals Hby - Hydraulic Rod Seal Buffer Ring-2
DSH-Find Hydraulic Rod Seals Hby - Hydraulic Rod Seal Buffer Ring-3

◆◆ Cushion Ring for Rod - HBY


DSH-Find Hydraulic Rod Seals Hby - Hydraulic Rod Seal Buffer Ring-4

 Technical Data
 PressureTemperatureSliding speedMedium
Standard≤50 MPa-55…+120 ℃≤1 m/sMinderal oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids,water,air and others.
 Sealing RingBackup 
Pressure35 Mpa42 Mpa50 Mpa
 Max Gap EE≤0.8mmE≤0.4mmE≤0.25mm
Order Example for standard version:
Diameter  d=100mm   
Order Code: HBY100*115*6.3
Installation Dimension table based on Metric Size(mm)
 d f8 D+0.2L+0.2H
Order List

Order NumberDdHhOrder NumberDdHh
HBY 04004055.56.36HBY 11501151316.36
HBY 04504560.56.36HBY 12001201366.36
HBY 05005065.56.36HBY 12501251416.36
HBY 05505570.56.36HBY 13001301466.36
HBY 06006075.56.36HBY 13201321486.36
HBY 06506580.56.36HBY 13501351516.36
HBY 07007085.56.36HBY 14001401566.36
HBY 07507590.56.36HBY 15001501666.36
HYB 08008095.56.36HBY 16001601766.36
HBY 0850851016.36HBY 17001701866.36
HBY 0900901066.36HBY 18001801966.36
HBY 0950951116.36HBY 19001902066.36
HBY 10001001166.36HBY 200020022187.7
HBY 10501051216.36HBY 210021023187.7
HBY 11001101266.36

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