B type – PTFE Oil Seals With Good Performance

B type – PTFE Oil Seals With Good Performance

B type
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Double-lip, PTFE, rotary, shaft seal.

The redundant seal lips enable this seal to handle higher pressure and create additional sealing capabilities, especially under flooded conditions. The soft OD eliminates damage to housings manufactured from expensive metals, and the integrated O-ring on the OD of the seal serves as an anti-rotation device and maximizes static sealing between the seal and the bore. Typically used for hydraulic motors, pumps, and transmissions.

The most popular fillers for products are graphite, fiberglass/molybdenum disulfide, carbon fiber and mineral.


Graphite Filled


  • Since graphite is often used as a lubricant, it does not significantly increase the coefficient of friction of PTFE when used as a filler. The low friction allows the compound to be used when both shaft speed and pressure are high. Graphite also is chemically inert which enables its use in corrosive medias.


Proprietary Low Wear PTFE


  • This proprietary filled PTFE offers low wear and friction properties, used in general applications where long life is required. Not recommended for applications with abrasive


Molybdenum Disulfide and Fiberglass Filled


  • Molybdenum disulfide increases the hardness of the seal surface while decreasing friction. It is normally used in small proportions combined with other fillers such as glass. MoS2 is
    also inert towards most chemicals.


Carbon Fiber Filled


  • Carbon fiber lowers creep, increases flex and compressive modulus and raises hardness. Coefficient of thermal expansion is lowered and thermal conductivity is higher for compounds of carbon fiber filled PTFE. Ideal for automotive applications in shock absorbers and water pumps.




Material description Filled PTFE (such as MoS2/Glass fiber, Ekonol and so on), or Virgin PTFE is available, O ring maerial depends on the specific application.
Available Color White, black,yellow, gold etc.
Material Strength Virgin PTFE can meet the requirement of food grade approval.
Type B oil seal have double lips, apply to high pressure till 30 bar. We can offer you different kinds of material which apply to your specific application. Customized sealing solution is available.
temperature -20~+100℃
Speed ≤18 m/s
Pressure ≤30 bar
Medium oil, grease.
Applied device: Hydraulic motor, pump, hydraulic oil presses and others.