PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal

PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal

PTUF(Symmetric for rod)
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PTUF spring energized PTFE seal, Flanged profiles are clamped axially in the gland to ensure that the seal does not spin with the shaft, especially in applications with frequent thermal cycling.

Flanged seals are a special class of radial seals with an added feature to help retain the seal under rotary forces. The flange is an extension of the heel of the seal, which locates in a counterbore of the housing. At the assembly, the seal flange gets pinched in the housing providing a positive mechanical lock that keeps the seal stationary. Flanged seals are an excellent choice for equipment that can be designed with endplates. In these cases, assembly of a flanged seal is simple and provides a robust design as well as a level of redundant sealing on the static side of the gland. Process machinery that requires a product to be contained (mixers, augers, spool valves) are good applications of this design.

Looking for a seal that can handle even the toughest applications? Look no further than PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal!

Crafted from high-quality PTFE material, these seals are built to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and chemicals, ensuring reliable performance in even the harshest environments.

But what really sets PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal apart is its innovative spring energized design. This unique feature provides an extra level of sealing power, ensuring a tight and leak-free seal every time.

Whether you’re working in the aerospace, automotive, or industrial sector, PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal is the perfect solution for all your sealing needs. So why settle for anything less? Upgrade to PTUF-Custom Spring Energized PTFE Seal today and experience the ultimate in sealing performance.

Flanged Rotary Application

◆◆ PTFE filled Stainless Steel Spring (Helical spring, cantilever spring-V type, Slant Coil Spring, Elgiloy helical spring

Material description PTFE filled Bronze, PTFE filled carbon fiber and MoS2, PTFE filled Graphite, PTFE filled PI, PTFE filled
Ekonol, PU and so on.
Available Color Black, green, coffee, white, red, blue, gold and so on
Material Strength Flanged spring energized seals, low coefficient of friction, good chemical and heat resistance.
temperature -40~+260℃
speed ≤2m/s
pressure ≤25MPa
Medium Virtually all fluids, chemicals and gases
Used for Flanged Heel Groove
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