Common specifications and application features

by:DSH     2019-07-03

Common mechanical sealing gaskets (Gasket seal)It is a kind of component material used for sealing inside mechanical equipment and pipes, so what kind of seal gasket specifications are there?Dongsheng seal manufacturers develop sealing gaskets, gaskets and metal gaskets of various materials.

What is oil-resistant asbestos gasket?It is caused by oil-resistant asbestos fiber, filler material, colorant and so on.Oil resistant gasket widely used in what field?Such (Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry)In the pipeline and equipment, it is mainly used for sealing steam, hydraulic, gas, oil solvent and non-corrosive media, and the specifications and models of the corresponding grades are selected according to the working conditions of the seal gasket.

What is a non-asbestos gasket?It has high strength, anti-permeability and resilience, and is a sealing material formed by the expansion of fibers such as acrylic fiber and plant fiber with NBR rubber and minerals at high temperature, because there are few asbestos-containing fibers, applicable as an alternative product of asbestos-free gaskets for asbestos gaskets.

What are the advantages of rubber gasket?The rubber pad is a kind of polyfluoride and fluorine-free, fluorine-free, propylene-based polymer elastomer, which is widely used in national defense industry and civil industry. It is characterized: high temperature resistance to vacuum, fuel oil, ozone, aging, strong antioxidant, lubricating oil and electrical insulation.

What is a rubber gasket lined with PTFE?PTFE lined rubber gasket is a four-fluorine sandwich rubber composite gasket (PTFE gasket)With strong anti-corrosion performance and high sealing elasticity, it is suitable for anti-corrosion sealing of low-pressure chemical equipment such as enamel and glass pipes.

What is a high-pressure asbestos gasket?Asbestos rubber gasket is made of stone cotton fiber and rubber as the main raw materials, supplemented by rubber coordination agent and filler, and is made by mixing, hot roller forming, vulcanization and other processes.Suitable for general high and medium pressure sealing mechanical occasions.

Common specifications and application features of mechanical seal gasket

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