The properties of the material of the hydraulic seal?

The properties of the material of the hydraulic seal?



Hydraulic seal material of hydraulic seal (Material)The common sealing materials of sealing seals are metal sealing materials, PTFE, synthetic rubber, flexible graphite sealing materials, etc, dongsheng sealing ring tells you that the synthetic rubber sealing material includes the material of styrene-butadiene rubber, neoprene, silicone rubber and ethylene-propylene rubber (EPM)Material, fluorine rubber (FPM)Material, rubber (NBR)Sealing Material (Material)All of them are synthetic rubber sealing materials.Xiaobian today to share the common rubber sealing materials about rubber sealing what are the features?


The medium properties of synthetic rubber “B-c rubber” made of hydraulic sealing ring:


Ethylene-propylene rubber is a synthetic rubber with ethylene and propylene as the main monomer (Ethylene propylene rubber-EPR)According to the difference in the composition of the monomer in the molecular chain, there are binary ethylene-propylene rubber and three-way ethylene-propylene rubber. The former is a polymer of ethylene and propylene, expressed in EPM, the latter is a polymer of ethylene, propylene, and a small amount of the third monomer of non-conjugate diolefin, which is expressed in ethylene.The two are collectively referred to as B-C rubber ,.It is widely used in automotive components, waterproof materials for construction, wire and cable sheaths, heat-resistant hoses, adhesive tapes, automotive sealing rings, lubricating oil additives and other products.


The synthetic rubber B-C rubber in the hydraulic sealing ring material has very excellent aging resistance and heat resistance. such sealing materials can be used in high temperature situations below 150 degrees Celsius for a long time, moreover, the physical and mechanical properties change slowly.Wear resistance and corrosion resistance are good, but the stability of hydrocarbon oil is poor, because the resistance cannot be used in mineral oil.If the rubber seal is installed with the help of grease and lubricating oil, the influence of this factor must also be considered.However, it is especially resistant to synthetic lubricants such as silicone oil and phosphate hydraulic oil, ketone resistance, drunk solution, medium-strength acid and alkali, and high-pressure steam.