How to use the rotating sealing ring? II.

How to use the rotating sealing ring? II.


How to use the rotating sealing ring? II.

What is the rotating sealing ring RotaryShaftSeal.–It is also called the rotary shaft lip sealing ring rotaryRodLipseal.Commonly known as Oil Seal..Dongsheng sealing ring tells you that it is a dynamic sealing element installed between the rotating shaft and the stationary parts to seal the leakage of lubricating oil and prevent external dust and debris from invading the inside of the equipment.


So, what kind of sealing problems do we encounter in our daily work?


I. Q: O-type sealing ring is densely worn under rotating sealing ring and reciprocating movement. which wear is more serious under the same pressure, temperature, medium and other conditions?If the rotary seal is under pressure of 40MPa, the line speed is very small and small, how much friction can it be?How long will the sealing ring leak?


A: This kind of wear should be there. I suggest rotating the sealing ring with the O-type of the liquid sealing ring.Liquid sealing is to seal with liquid glue, which is now more common in the manufacturing industry, if the sealing of the pipeline valve, the sealing of the motorcycle engine of the automobile engine, etc. are used to directly apply the sealant.


Two, ask: what kind of rotating sealing ring is used for rotating shafts and holes?


Answer: rubber sealing ring or graphite packing.


Third, Q: What sealing materials are used for the spherical rotary joint sealing ring?


A: The rotating joint uses a skeleton sealing ring.The whole sealing material of the product uses stainless steel.


4. Q: Is the rotating shaft lip sealing ring the same type of sealing ring as the skeleton oil seal?If not, is there any difference between the lip seal ring and the skeleton oil seal?


A: The same thing is called different.The skeleton oil seal is a typical representative of the oil seal. Generally speaking, the oil seal refers to the skeleton oil seal.The role of the oil seal is generally to isolate the parts that need lubrication in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak.The skeleton is like a steel bar inside a concrete member, which plays a strengthening role and enables the oil seal to maintain shape and tension.The single lip skeleton oil seal and the double lip skeleton oil seal can be divided into structural forms.The vice lip of the lip skeleton oil seal is dust-proof to prevent dust and impurities from entering the inside of the machine.According to the skeleton type, it can be divided into inner package skeleton oil seal, exposed skeleton oil seal and assembled oil seal.According to the working conditions, it can be divided into rotating skeleton oil seal and return skeleton oil seal.Used in gasoline engine crankshaft, diesel engine crankshaft, gearbox, differential, shock absorber, engine, axle and other parts.


V. Q: What are the sealing rings for rotary Dynamic seals?


Answer: O-type sealing ring, skeleton oil seal, mechanical sealing ring and packing sealing ring.


6. Q: What is the sealing method of the high-speed rotary shaft sealing ring?


Answer: mechanical seal