Combined sealing ring for holes in construction

by:DSH     2019-07-10

Construction machinery (seal repair bag for construction machinery) is an important part of the equipment industry. To sum up, all the mechanical equipment necessary for the construction project of earth and stone, road surface construction and maintenance, flowing lifting and loading and unloading operations and various construction projects are called construction machinery.

Sealing Ring (Grameen sealing ring) repair bag generally refers to the sum of all sealing rings (Grameen sealing ring) and related wearing parts in a specific part of the mechanical equipment.

In most mechanical equipment, the sealing ring of rubber, plastic or other non-metallic materials (Grameen sealing ring) has limited service life and high replacement frequency compared with other mechanical parts.

The labor cost and shutdown cost caused by the replacement of the sealing ring (Grameen sealing ring) will often be much higher than the value of the sealing ring (Grameen sealing ring) itself.

Therefore, once a specific part or multiple specific parts of the maintenance machinery and equipment are repaired, the sealing ring (Grameen sealing ring) or wearing parts related to this position are generally replaced at one time. In this way, the repair bag of the sealing ring (Grameen sealing ring) came into being.

The sealing ring repair bag (Grameen sealing ring) series products produced by Dongsheng seal have been able to use professional supporting equipment manufacturers and export them to Europe, America and the Middle East in large quantities, and the good quality has been unanimously affirmed by customers!

High cost performance seal products of Dongsheng seal (DSH seals, it has been widely used in aerospace, military industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, coal, automobile, electronics, home appliances, sanitary ware, pump valve, paper making, transportation, food, agriculture, natural gas, engineering shield machine, hardware machinery seal Industry, the excellent performance has reached the quality level of the seal industry.

Combined sealing ring for holes in construction machinery repair bags (Gladstone ring) SPGO basic overview

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