ptfe thread seal How to Replace the Anti-Siphon Valve in a Lawn Genie

by:DSH     2019-06-08
ptfe thread seal How to Replace the Anti-Siphon Valve in a Lawn Genie
An anti-The siphon valve prevents the water from being pumped back to the water supply system on the spray line.A worn anti-Convenient replacement of siphon valve.If you have a lawn elf irrigation system, it is better to replace the valve with another lawn elf valve so that the distance between the connector diameter and the connector will match your current system.Just change the old valve to the new one.Before attempting to replace the valve, turn off the water and power supply of the sprinkler system.Rotate the solenoid, the black cylinder with a wire at the top, counter-clockwise from the valve and put it on one side.Do not disconnect the wire.Unscrew the connector on both sides of the valve connected to the pipe.One side is connected to the supply pipe and the other side is connected to the outgoing pipe.Note which one is, so you will connect the new valve to the pipe in the same way.Remove the old valve.Open the water flushing line.Let it be full of power in about two minutes and turn off the water.Wrap a layer of PTFE or threaded sealing tape on the thread of the pipe.Twist the supply pipe side of the valve clockwise onto the pipe.Do not use a wrench;Tighten the connector by hand.Keep the valve stable and use a wrench to screw the outlet pipe into the other side of the valve.Screw the solenoid into the new valve.Turn the flow control screw knob clockwise, the large screw knob at the top of the valve until the valve is closed.Turn on water and power.Turn the smaller screw located on the side of the flow knob counter-clockwise to manually bleed the screw to allow water to pass through the valve.Turn the flow knob until the flow reaches the required strength.Close the valve by tightening the manual deflating screw.
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