imperial oil seals As Canadian pipeline plans falter, more oil is moving by rail - prompting familiar fears

by:DSH     2019-06-09
imperial oil seals As Canadian pipeline plans falter, more oil is moving by rail - prompting familiar fears
Transport the tug of HessOil platforms near inglesside, Texas, May 5, 2017.Transport the tug of HessOil platforms near inglesside, Texas, May 5, 2017.MONTREAL -Over the years, Canadians have often heard the saying that if a new pipeline fails to bring oil to market, it will be transported in a different way --by rail.It's a trade-This could trigger fear in an oil country.by-Just five years ago, 47 people were killed in a railway disaster.Environmental protection activists sometimes describe the rail selection as an imminent threat or "boogeyman" in the Canadian pipeline debate ".But now, with the amount of oil transported by rail from Canada, this forecast seems to come trueTo America-Over the past few months, the project has grown significantly as the country's latest pipeline project failed.The problems of the Trans-Mountain pipeline project have led to the increasing pessimism of oil producers and the increasing willingness to invest in railway capacity.That means Canadians are preparing for higher oil.by-Over the next few years, the number of railways, while sorting out the superposition of their fears and reality."This is a storm that has been brewing for some time," said Kent, an economist at the University of Calgary at the Canadian petroleum country center."[The risk of a railway leak is higher], but this kind of thing needs to go public because people are buying it, which means it will look for the lowest --"The cost path," he said.Spike is dramatic.Before 2012, there was very little oil shipped from Canada by rail.In the past June, China's energy regulator announcedIn this way, an average of 200,000 barrels of oil are exported every day.The Paris-The International Energy Agency estimates that an average annual output of 2019 will reach 390,000 barrels per day.But the oil world was ready before this summer.In 2013, Imperial Oil decided to build a new rail terminal in Edmonton."At that time, we said, if the market access --i.e.new pipelines -"It didn't show up within the required time frame," said Imperial Oil CEO Ritchie Kruger during a public call at the end of July ."."Like any insurance policy, our hope is that we don't have to use it too much.Over time ...We have increased our volume in this regard.Reuters reported in September that Cenovus Energy, another company, signed a new rail infrastructure agreement, but declined to comment.In recent years, several pipeline projects in Canada have failed, and every failure has brought more interest to railway transportation.Last spring, goldmorgan withdrew from the expansion of the Trans-Mountain pipeline, which plans to ship crude oil overseas through Vancouver.The Trudeau government bought the project and did not stop until August.30 The court ruled that the views of indigenous communities were not adequately sought.The government said it would try to approve the pipeline again.Despite many opposition to the construction of pipelines, public opinion surveys have found that Canadians believe oilby-Rail transport is relatively unsafe.But for those who strongly oppose the pipeline, the number of railroads is unlikely to change the minds of many, the researcher said;They are considered necessary to avoid pipelines and to ensure reduced transportation costs.Patrick DeRochie, TorontoHeadquartered in the environmental protection organization, it has been opposed to the "boogeyman" of transporting oil by rail in the past ".In an interview, he said that although he was concerned about recent growth, rail transport remained the "drop in the bucket" of Canadian oil production, not to mention its capacity."I think the tragedy we have seen has indeed happened..."In the media and oil industries, I have been used to create panic in the community," he said .".If most of Canada's oil stores are mined and burned, the threat to the global climate is even greater, he said.The lack of pipeline in Canada makes additional production "not feasible "."If they must be inland now, Canadian producers are lucky to be so close to neighbors like the US," said Kristine Petrosyan, an analyst at the International Energy Agency .".The vast majority of Canada's oil is delivered south through pipelines rather than railways, most of which go to refineries in the Midwest.The price of the refinery is high, but there is also an unusual ability to efficiently handle heavy crude oil.Petrosyan said that to some extent, Canada is fortunate to have a neighbor with sufficient refining capacity to handle crude oil that would have been difficult to provide an international market.With the rise in rail traffic, the Canadian government has quickly introduced new security measures.It announced some kind of crude oil last month.Vehicles carrying tanks will be phased out by November, 17 months ahead of the previous deadline."I think in general [the Canadian] impression came from accidents in Latin America and the Caribbean," Petrosyan said .".An oil out of control in 2013In the town of Quebec, a train exploded, mostly flattened.In the years since, Canada has passed other regulations to reduce the risk of similar accidents.Petrosyan said that the consistency of the asphalt, peanut butter, shipped from Alberta is also far less flammable than the crude oil that exploded at Lac Mégantic.Nevertheless, there have been other accidents in recent years, and the risk rate in Canada-From 2016 to 2017, the leakage of material railways increased.In the same year, pipeline leakage also increased sharply.Studies often find that rail transport of oil, although safer than trucks, is more risky than pipe transport.But some experts say it is difficult to know exactly how to compare these risks, and there are security risks in both rail and pipeline transportation --Related pros and cons.In 2014, a Congressional Research Service report found that "more pipelines are generally developed "...It can provide safer and cheaper means of transportation than the railway.
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