Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers Tells 7 Main Car Rubber Parts Protection Tips

Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers Tells 7 Main Car Rubber Parts Protection Tips


How to secure your car rubber parts from damaging?

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Do you know what rubber parts are in a car? If your answer was negative, it is time to learn a little more about these important components. What’s more, if you are thinking only of the rubber parts that are visible on the outside of your vehicle, know that there are other parts. Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers manufacture with this material that are very important for your person.

These components are very important, so you should need to observe them carefully to avoid damage to other parts. In this post, we will help you to know and take good care of the 7 main rubber parts of your car. We will also talk about the most common damages that can occur. Continue reading and follow!

7 Polyurethane Seals found in a car

They are in the tires, under the hood, sealing the doors, the dashboard, the tank, the suspension, in an infinite number of places on a vehicle. The truth is that rubber is present in many components that are indispensable for the functioning of automobiles.

Most drivers, however, only remember to do some maintenance on the rubbers when an abnormal noise appears or when they crack. There is also the case of any part that they involve to wear out before the accepting time.

However, the ideal is for the polyurethane Seals Manufacturers to always be attentive in order to keep the rubber parts of the car always in a good state of repair and ensure maximum performance and safety when driving the vehicle. Therefore, it is good to know the main rubber parts of a car. Let’s go to them.

1. Polyurethane Tires

They are in direct contact with the ground and occupy a prominent position when looking at the vehicle. The different types of tires – low profile or high profile, with thin or wider grooves.

Correct use and polyurethane Seals Manufacturers preventive maintenance, through the use of castors, as well as the alignment of the steering, calibration and balancing are fundamental for the preservation of the rubber quality and for the tires to continue providing sufficient grip to the vehicle.

2. Trim rubbers

Sealing rubbers are called seals. The wear of these parts is considerable over time, but there is no preset service life for the linings that are on the doors, hood, and windshield.


They suffer from thermal variations and also from excessive contact between two surfaces to perform the insulation. Therefore, you cannot say that they have a precise expiration date. Excessive sun or humidity can cause these linings to shrink, deform or become wavy. When this happens, water, dust, and other debris can invade the vehicle’s cabin.

You should always exchange from reliable and trusty workshops, in overturns, or in establishments that work with rubber, glass, and automotive doors. Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers recommended maintenance is relatively simple. Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth to remove small impurities. When the dirt is thicker, you can use a little neutral detergent dissolved in water for cleaning.

3. Cushions and Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers bushings

Like the joints, the cushions are essential to absorb the vibrations of the engine. They are also found in other parts of the suspension.

In the damping system they are responsible for supporting the load and impacts of the chassis on the base of the car and make the union between the parts. Therefore, they absorb impacts, face the rotational movements of the vehicle and, therefore, wear out and may break.

How to avoid sudden problems in bushing?

To avoid sudden problems in the cushions and bushings, identify abnormal noises coming from the bottom of the vehicle, feel possible vibrations in the gearshift lever and check if there are difficulties to keep the vehicle in a straight line.

When you notice any sign, it is advisable to look for an expert professional, who can carry out an accurate diagnosis and make the necessary interventions so that the car starts running again with its correct performance.


4. Polyurethane Hoses and Seals

Hoses usually conduct vehicle fluids and gases. They are of different thicknesses and are helpful to use to conduct fuel, air entering the engine, water for windshield wipers and other components.

They have an expiration date. Always be aware of the dryness in the hose body, small cracks and the sealing of its ends. Also, monitor for possible blockages that they may present and replace parts when necessary. Moreover, read your polyurethane seals manufacturers manual. 

5. Hood of the CV joint

Do you know when you arrive at a jet wash and notice grease on the wheels and fenders? This can be a bad sign that the CV joint hood has damaged.

When it has damaged, it cannot inhibit the entry of impurities and also loses lubrication. Consequently, the entire CV joint can be defective or got damage. And if it breaks the car will stop, since it will not transmit the transmission force to the wheels.

Changing the part is quick. Perform hood and joint inspections every 10,000 km to prevent further damage to the vehicle.

6. Polyurethane Seals Manufacturers Head box hoods

The safety of the axial steering terminals lies in the quality of the hood that protects it. When this hood breaks, impurities contaminate the grease that lubricates the axial. The spherical pin of the terminal wears out more quickly, causing noise and slack in the steering.

It is important that the driver performs maintenance as soon as these symptoms are identified, thus avoiding greater financial losses and mainly reducing the risk of accidents.

7. Windshield wipers

Rubber is also present in windshield wipers, which, in turn, are among the mandatory items for safe driving. This part does not always receive due attention from drivers, but its use is essential when driving in the rain.

This is because the accumulation of water causes visibility to be impaired inside the vehicle, and the windshield wiper is responsible for removing excess water and allowing a better view of the way.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow chemical solvents to use for cleaning. They tend to dry out bushings, stops, dampers, cushions, hoods, among other items. Ask your mechanic to be cautious when spraying these elements.


In order to know the right time to change the windshield wiper, it is important to watch for signs such as:

  • when has activated, the wiper leaves a strip or a scratch on the car window;
  • the glass gets foggy even when the windshield is working;
  • water is not completely removed;
  • the windshield rubbers are crooked or brittle;
  • Noises or vibrations appear during use.
  • Care indicated in the maintenance of rubber parts of a car

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Final words

There are several polyurethane seals manufacturers’ models of windshield wipers available on the market, so it is important that the driver is attentive to choose an efficient option that matches his vehicle.

As it is a mandatory item, the lack of use of the windshield or even the use with undermine maintenance, is considered a serious fault, liable to punishment with a fine and a score on the driver’s license.

When taking your car for maintenance, pay attention to the products used to remove the dirt that is under it. Never use petroleum-derived oils to maintain the suspension rubbers.