Which part of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal is composed?

Which part of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal is composed?

The rapid development of modern machinery industry, hydraulic transmission oil seal because of its fast enough response, small inertia, and work balance, etc, hydraulic transmission oil seal industry is widely used in various engineering machinery hydraulic transmission oil seal industry.Dongsheng Oil Seal tells you that hydraulic transmission has been proposed since the 17 th century and has become one of the key emerging oil seal technologies in modern automation control technology.Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal (Transmission Oil Seal)No speed regulation can be realized now, and the speed regulation range is large, the speed regulation is convenient and fast.

So, which part of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal is combined?

Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal is mainly composed of piston (Piston oil seal)Piston rod (Piston rod oil seal)Piston guide sleeve (Guide ring)Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal composed of parts such as end caps.The rationality of the structural parameters of each oil seal component directly affects the overall operation performance of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal.The strength, stiffness and working stability of the hydraulic cylinder block determine the working performance, reliability and service life of the hydraulic transmission oil seal system.The structural design of the hydraulic cylinder oil seal will cause the hydraulic cylinder to burst, twist and break, resulting in a series of economic losses.Therefore, the structural analysis and reasonable design of hydraulic cylinder oil seal is of great significance to improve the working performance of hydraulic transmission oil seal system.

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