What material rubber oil seal manufacturers use in O rings?

What material rubber oil seal manufacturers use in O rings?


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Whenever you see smoke coming out from the tail pipe of your vehicle, it is the indication of the leakage of the rubber oil seal of your car. And you definitely need to contact Oil seal manufacturers.

The other names that we use for the rubber oil seals are the oil seals, the oil seal rings. They also have the names of car oil seals and automotive oil seals. If the oil seals of the vehicles are leaky, they lose their function. Their function is to inhibit the liquids and gases of the vehicle from escaping out of the location.

Let us assume the oil leaks from the leaky oil seals and enters the fuel compartment. When it mixes with the fuel, it burns with it. Due to the mixture of the oil with the fuel, the smoky flame comes out of the tail pipe of the car.

What are oil seals?

Thus, we come to know that oil seal manufacturers fit rubber oil seals at locations to prevent leakage of oil. The reason is that oil seals are small components that fit on valves to prevent the escape of oil. They keep the oil and gases in the compartments where they should be.

The important component of the rubber oil seals is the lip of the seals. This lip of the rubber oil seals has the rubbing function against the shaft. This lip of the rubber oil seal prevents the liquid from the respective compartment to leak out. Moreover, it is also important in preventing the dirt from entering into the oil compartment.

What are different materials of oil seals?

The oil seals can be made of a variety of materials. These materials include the rubber, metals and leather. But the best material for the oil seal rings is different varieties of rubber. Nitrillic rubber is an important variety of rubber that has the vast usage in the formation of oil seals. These types of oil seals have prime use in mineral oils, grease and diesel.

Poly acrylic rubber is another important variety of rubber that has fundamental importance in the oil seals formation. It is best choice for the oil seal manufacturers. Along with silicon, it has primary use in the poly acrylic and silicon oil seal rings.

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These types of the rubber oil seals are particularly important in the sealing of the different types of motor oils.

Another most important type of the rubber oil seals is the flour elastomer rubber oil seal. They are the rubber oil seals that have ability to bear the wide range of temperature. They don’t lose their functioning in the variation of the temperature. It increases the efficiency of the work and performance. They have the vast utilization in the oils that are related to the fuel quality.

Advantages of rubber oil seals

There are many reasons behind the wide use of rubber by the oil seal manufacturers. Rubber is a material that is not much vulnerable to the high temperature and pressure. It can withstand its structure and performance in the variations of the temperature and pressure.

The rubber oil seals are of the advantageous use due to two reasons. These rubber oil seals have the important function of holding the oil in the specified place. This function oil seals help in the lubrication of the machine parts with the oil in a better way.

In return, due to the better lubrication, the machine parts produce very low friction and heat during the process.

How do seals protect your machine?

Second important function of the rubber oil seals is the inhibition of the entrance of foreign particles. They provide hindrance to the contaminants and dirt particles from entering the machine parts. Otherwise, these foreign particles can ruin the working and performance of the machine parts when they enter the machine.

The name of the oil seals indicates that they restrain the oil to the particular compartments of devices. They seal the oil as well as increase the functioning of the machine parts by lubricating them. They are particularly important in the hydraulic devices.

Hydraulic device are those devices in which there are the moving parts for the working of the machine.

Properties of Rubber oil seals

The rubber oil seals have the preference for oil seal manufacturers over the other oil seals. The reason is that they are much more resistant to the ozone. Therefore, their resistance to the ozone is of superior quality.

The main purpose of any oil seal is to provide the mechanical strength. This mechanical strength prevents the leakage of the oils and gases from the specified compartments. The rubber oil seals have this ability in particular. They provide the excellent mechanical strength to the products in which they are used.

Why do oil seals oil seal manufacturers use flexible material?

The material that we use for the fabrication of the oil seals should be flexible. It should have ability to convert and modify into the different shapes and patterns. Due to this adaptability, the oil seal manufacturers prefer the rubber oil seals. They can fabricate different shapes and contours of the oil seals with the help of high quality of rubber.

Another advantage of the rubber oil seals is that they are very easy to install. On the other hand, other oil seals made with other materials may have several complications while installation.

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Moreover, the rubber oil seals provide the long lasting performance. They require very low maintenance costs and provide the years of service very easily.

The importance of selecting Proper material

The oil seals come in a variety of types and materials. The material of the oil seal is present according to the condition and application of the oil seal. Different types of applications need different types of oil seals for the successful operations.

It is very important to determine the material for the oil seals. The reason is that different working environments support different types of the materials during the operations.

If you need an oil seal for the application at higher temperature, you have to select the better quality material. For example, the oil seal for the engine of a jet should be of high quality material. It should withstand the high temperature variations and should not lose working at high temperature.

Materials for oil seals

There are many fine and important materials that the oil seal manufacturers use in the fabrication process. Nitrile is an important material for the oil seals that has vast applications in the oil seal manufacture. The reason is that nitrile has better adaptability and performance in different working environments.

Moreover, it has low cost as compared to the other materials. The nitrile oil seals can bear the high temperature up to 120oC without losing its function. Due to this capability of the nitrile oil seals, they have major use in many hydraulic devices.

Its applications include the mineral oil, vegetable oil and gas oil. They are also important in the silicon oil industry and hot and cold water.


The best quality of the nitrile oil seal is that it is resistant to the oil. Any type of oil does not damage the quality of the seal. Thus, it does not show the problem of leakage as soon as the other oil seals. Moreover, it is also resistant to the abrasive damage.

It can bear the severity of the abrasive damage as well as the jerks. Oil seal manufacturers are best suited if you need a shock absorber oil seal ring.