Hydraulic seals suppliers explains the classification of seals and their importance

Hydraulic seals suppliers explains the classification of seals and their importance


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Hydraulic seals suppliers

Hydraulic seals are the important non-metallic part of the engineering systems. They have the purpose to separate the fuel or liquid in the separate blocks. They are nothing but a combination of the rings. These rings combine together in the form of an assortment. This article will help you provide enough information about hydraulic seals and hydraulic seals suppliers. This article will also discuss the working and types of the hydraulic seals. As well as the designs of the different hydraulic seals.

What is the purpose of hydraulic seals?

The hydraulic seals are crucial and elementary units for the hydraulic systems. They have the certain functions in the hydraulic systems that are essential to fulfill. The first and foremost purpose of the hydraulic seals is the prevention of the leakage of fluid. They prevent the fluid in the different compartments from leaking out.

In addition to the prevention of the leakage, the hydraulic seals perform certain other functions for the running of process. The high pressure generated within the cylinders is the considerable pressure by the gases. The hydraulic seals bear this high pressure. The hydraulic cylinder seals face a considerable range of forces and temperature too.

In other words, the hydraulic seals suppliers have to inculcate the certain properties into the seals for the respective purpose. The prominent and considerable purposes consist of the prevention of leakage, to face the pressure and temperature.

How do hydraulic seals work?


The different types of the hydraulic seals are specialized for the different types of the hydraulic systems. The certain types of the hydraulic seals are the hydraulic rod seals. These hydraulic rod seals are special for the prevention of the leakage of the fluid from within the cylinders.

The other seals may be the hydraulic piston seals. These hydraulic piston seals have the different function from the hydraulic rod seals. These hydraulic piston seals don’t allow the fluid to circulate in the head of the cylinder. This activity of the seals is helpful to create the pressure in the cylinder.

This built up pressure within the cylinder is the main cause of the extension or retraction of the cylinder. In this process, the wear rings have the important and specialized function. They are the guidelines for the movement of the piston in the cylinder. Along with the piston, the piston rod is also dependent on the wear rings.

What is the function of wear rings?

The function of bearing the transverse forces in the hydraulic cylinders in related to the wear rings. These wear rings are helpful in the prevention of the contact from metal to other metal. This function of the wear rings is crucial to bear the transverse forces in the hydraulic cylinders.

Another important part for the hydraulic operation for the prevention of the contamination is the scraper or wiper. They have the important function to catch and scrap the foreign particles. This function of the scrapers is important during the retraction of the piston rod.

Moreover, they are also important for the absorption of moisture during the operation. The hydraulic seals suppliers have to take into account all these parts of the hydraulic system.

How do hydraulic seals suppliers classify seals?

The hydraulic seals may be made of different types of materials. The type and variety of the hydraulic seals are there on the basis of the type of the material used. The other basis for the classification of the hydraulic seals may be the type of operation and fluid.

Moreover, the temperature of the cylinder and level of pressure generated also determine the type of the seal to be used. The common materials used for the fabrication of the hydraulic seals are rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and polyurethane (AU).

On the basis of the motion, the hydraulic seals may be of the two types. These are the static hydraulic seals and dynamic hydraulic seals.

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Static hydraulic seals

Static hydraulic seals are the important type of the hydraulic seals. They are most important in the housing systems for the sealing operations. In the case of the static hydraulic seals, there is no involvement of the motion of the machinery parts. Therefore, these types of the hydraulic seals are best for the sealing operations in the restricted compartments.




Dynamic hydraulic seals


Dynamic hydraulic seals are the other type of hydraulic seals for the sealing operations. These hydraulic seals are fit for the hydraulic systems that have the involvement of the motion. The dynamic hydraulic seals may be hydraulic rod seals or the hydraulic piston seals. They are the main point of attention of the hydraulic seals suppliers.

Both the rod and piston hydraulic seals deal with the motion of the parts of the hydraulic systems. The rod hydraulic seals bear the motion on their inner part. The motion of the hydraulic system is along the rod of the cylinder. The inner diameter of the rod seal faces the motion.

On the other hand, the piston hydraulic seals have to face the motion along their outer part. The motion of the hydraulic system is along the outer diameter or bore of the piston seal. Thus, it faces the motion of the hydraulic system on outer surface and performs the sealing function.


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Rod hydraulic seals


The rod hydraulic seals are the most crucial and required sealing component of the cylinder hydraulic systems. The main function is of the rod in this cylinder configuration system. As the rod rotates in the cylinder in the forward and backward direction, the function of the seals starts.

The fundamental function of the rod hydraulic seal is the aversion of the leakage of the liquid from the cylinder. The prevention of the leakage by the seal is from inside of the cylinder to the outside.

The rod hydraulic seals can work synergistically with the wiper seals. They help the wiper seals in the protection of the hydraulic seals from the foreign components like dust. They catch out and scrap the dirt and moisture from contaminating the hydraulic system.

Piston hydraulic seals

The piston hydraulic seals are the type of the dynamic hydraulic seals. The piston hydraulic seals are necessary to prevent the leakage of the fluids around the piston. The reason for the usage of the piston hydraulic seals is the pressure generated to push the piston.

The piston of the cylinder configuration moves in the environment of the high pressure and stress. The piston hydraulic seals may be of two types on the base of type of the stress applied. They may be single acting seals and double acting piston hydraulic seals.

In the single acting hydraulic seals, the stress or force accompanies on the one side of the piston. On the other hand, the double acting hydraulic seals bear the double stress. In this case, the force or stress applies to the both sides of the piston.

Wear rings


Wear rings are the important component of the hydraulic system that is related to keep the system centralized and balanced. The wear rings have the function of dividing the forces equally to the hydraulic seals in an appropriate way.

The wear rings are also important and crucial in the case of rod and piston hydraulic seals. The hydraulic seals suppliers provide the different kinds of the wear rings. They perform function depending upon the types of seals and forces acting in the cylinders.