[Section]What are the advantages of rubber seals?

by:DSH     2019-06-06

The advantage of the rubber seal is that the Dongsheng seal tells you that it is cheaper than other forms of clip-on rubber seals, and can be in the cylinder holes that can cause early failure by sealing in other forms, satisfactory use, such as horizontal work, or excessive clearance between the piston seal and the cylinder, or a large tolerance for the inner diameter of the cylinder.Initially the rubber piston seal is made into various section profile to suit the special pressure range and working conditions, but the lip profile has become more standardized in the modern sandwich rubber seal structure.

The two main shapes are round corner rubber seal and square corner rubber seal or square bottom leather seal, Figure 1-Rubber sealing section: Structure Diagram of rubber skin with clip cloth).The two have similar sodium applications and properties, but the former is more commonly used.The specialty of the square corner is that it can be used with the support board, so that the mechanical processing of the support board is cylinder.

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[Section]What are the advantages of rubber seals?

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