The role and significance of hydraulic oil seal?

The role and significance of hydraulic oil seal?


The role and significance of hydraulic oil seal?

In the hydraulic system and its system, the sealing device is used to prevent leakage of working medium and intrusion of external dust and foreign matter. The element that plays the role of sealing, that is, oil seal. Dongsheng Seal Company sorted out and shared


Leakage will cause waste of working media, pollute the machine and environment, and even cause mechanical operation failure and personal accidents of equipment.


The internal leakage will cause the volume efficiency of the hydraulic system to drop sharply, and the required working pressure cannot be reached, or even the work cannot be carried out.


Invading tiny dust particles in the system can cause or aggravate the wear and tear of the friction pair of the hydraulic element, further leading to leakage.


Therefore, Oil Seals and Sealing devices are an important part of hydraulic equipment.The reliability and service life of its work is an important indicator to measure the quality of the hydraulic system.


In addition to the gap seal, the oil seal is used to control the gap between the adjacent two coupling surfaces below the minimum gap that the liquid that needs to be sealed can pass.


In the contact seal, it is divided into self-sealing type and self-sealing type (Lip seal)Two.