[Section]The nature of a typical self-adhesive

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Self-adhesive foam water seal can be made of neoprene foam or prepared into PVC foam with similar properties.Dongsheng seal tells you that the main requirements are high density of micropores, good recovery after compression and small sealing force.Water seals can be made into different densities, generally low or medium density suitable for tricky shapes or contours;High density low compression rate foam has load-bearing performance for heavy duty occasions.In the case, the foam seal material can be replaced by high viscous rubber resin.Some examples of self-adhesive PVC foam compressed water seals can be referred to Table 1.

* Table 1-nature of a typical self-adhesive PTFE foam compressed water seal:

5360 (seal material)

Amount of compression required for waterproof seal

Force required to achieve sealing (g/cm 2)

Density (g/cm 3)

Shaw hardness '00'

Working temperature (°c)

Adhesion with steel

Recovery rate after 24 h compression

Thickness (tolerance ± 10) (mm)

Width (tolerance ± 1mm)

For climate, oxidation, brine, weak acid

Endurance of weak alkali and ultraviolet light

0.18 to 0.24

-40 to 80


0.24 to 0.30

-20 to 70

The above information and parameters are for reference only. please operate according to the actual situation!

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[Section]The nature of a typical self-adhesive PTFE foam compressed water seal?

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