Seal material used in high pressure and high speed environment?

Seal material used in high pressure and high speed environment?

Pi (PI)It is a kind of high pressure, high speed, high temperature (Up to 400 °c)A class of polymer elastic seals with excellent heat resistance (One of the special engineering sealing materials developed in 1950s)The Dongsheng seal tells you that it has high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and excellent mechanical and friction properties;Especially in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high speed, it has excellent anti-friction and lubrication properties, it has been widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical industry and micro-electronics.But pure polyimides (PI)The seal material has lower tensile and compressive strength, and is brittle. it is not suitable for use as a friction seal material alone, we can get from the modification of various fillers through advanced solid lubrication technology | to the polyimides with excellent mechanical and friction properties (PI)Composite seal material.

Common filler modified seals are made:

1.Graphite sealing material-The possible mechanism is to form a graphite-containing transfer film on the dual surface to improve the friction performance.

2.Fiber, fiberglass and carbon fiber-It can improve the creep resistance and mechanical properties of polymer.

3.Inorganic nanoparticles-The formation rate of the transfer film and the binding strength of the transfer film and the dual can be improved.

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