8 Common Reasons of Hydraulic Seals Failure and Solutions

8 Common Reasons of Hydraulic Seals Failure and Solutions


It is an article to tell you about the maintenance of your door and / or trunk hydraulic Seals Manufacturers. I think “maybe wrongly” that this is seldom maintained for most of you.

Yet one day or another you will have a problem with the seals.


Why maintain your vehicle seals?

hydraulic seals

– In winter, during the period of frost, your doors are stuck, you have difficulty opening them, or even you cannot open them at all.

– Your joints will become brittle, they will crack or it will become unsightly.

– Bleaching

I think it’s better to maintain them instead of changing them.

This can cause water infiltration, mold etc.


How to maintain the Hydraulic Seals Manufacturers?

The technique is quite simple and requires little time.

1 / You must clean and degrease the joints before you can install a walk-in closet.

Dressing = care

2 / Install a care dressing

Have you noticed a water leak on your installation?

The most common hydraulic Seals Manufacturers, located upstream or downstream of a valve or a water tap (hot or cold) require the replacement of the seal.
Leaks from a faucet, under the sink or under a sink, or on a drain plug will require the installation of a silicone or Teflon seal.

Be careful to choose the right gasket and to respect the tightening rules!

Vulcanized fiber gaskets (red) are most commonly used in hot and cold water plumbing installations. These are entry-level seals that have a fairly short lifespan (between 3 and 5 years), especially on fittings subjected to vibrations or “dry” periods.

But these hydraulic Seals Manufacturers, especially because of their limited lifespan, are not always the best solution! Other types of gaskets such as SCC (Synthetic Cellulose Rubber) gaskets, Kevlar gaskets, rubber O-rings, or Green gaskets (high quality) are sometimes more suitable to ensure the sustainability of the repair of your leak.

Moreover, for a leak that you treat on a regular basis, a waterproofing reinforcement with tow or joint compound will allow you to sleep peacefully for a long time!

Finally, well-dosed tightening is necessary in order not to damage the installed seal.

Always contact a professional plumber from our network as soon as possible, who will implement the best sealing solution. Take advantage of our professional’s visit to replace other hydraulic Seals Manufacturers, it is included in the package! This will allow you to preventively deal with other future leaks…

The example quotation presented includes :  

– Diagnosis of the leak
– Installation of the sealing solution
– Verification of the assembly
– Cleaning
– Supply of small equipment
– Installation of other seals

The rubber seals on the vehicle act as a kind of shield against moisture, wind and other weather conditions. Over time, however, the rubber wears out and loses its good buffering qualities. First of all, the seals around the trunk are used a lot. Continuous opening and closing of the cover causes abrasion, which in turn contributes to damage to the hydraulic Seals Manufacturers. The same goes off course for the other seals such as on the doors or the sunroof.

Why to regular check Hydraulic Seals?

Therefore, intensive and ordinary the maintenance of rubber on the vehicle must be a matter of course. It is a fact that rubber and plastic can last longer with regular maintenance. Therefore, proper maintenance of rubber seals is an indispensable measure for professional car maintenance.

Rubber seal care products should never be made water-based, as water penetrates the seals and freezes at sub-zero temperatures. In the long run, this makes the joints porous and loses their protective properties. Appropriate cleaning products are to be used Vaseline and Silicone.

Ideal for a good maintenance of deer tallow rubber. Although it has virtually no frost protection to offer, it optimally renews the necessary protection. Deer tallow provides the gum with important nourishment with the result that there is then a permanent and even old (not defective) protection. The hydraulic Seals Manufacturers are almost completely replaced.

Remove dirt and moisture first from Hydraulic Seals

For a rubber care product to be successful, the care product instructions for use must be followed. This means, among other things, that petroleum jelly or silicone evenly applied to the rubber. The product should then act for a few minutes.

Vaseline or deer tallow can best penetrate the rubber if the care product with a sponge is applied. Will be a balm is used, the effort is very low. Thus, a pin can be stored in the glove box and can be used after every car wash. Rubber care pens are offered for sale in specialty stores and on the Internet from a wide variety of suppliers.

Further points to observe regarding rubber maintenance!


Rubber is particularly elastic but also insensitive. Some wear sets in over the years and the hydraulic Seals Manufacturers become porous. This results in the rubber losing its protective properties. Harmful influences such as humidity and UV light are also responsible.

To rule out this, the rubber parts are pre-cleaned with a dry cloth and citric acid. After this procedure, you need to dry the rubber with a cloth and apply petroleum jelly or deer tallow. Excess material should be wiped off to avoid contamination.

How to repeat process of hydraulic Seals installation?

If the result is poor, the whole process should be repeated until success is noticeable. Is despite the procedure not successful visible, i.e. the joints are no longer sealed, is a necessary Exchange. An exchange must be made immediately to avoid any damage.

Pay particular attention to the door / rear door seal

Maintenance rubber car rubber hydraulic Seals Manufacturers winter spring 5 This is how the rubber seals on the car are properly maintained!

Rubber gaskets on the trunk and door gaskets in particular require regular maintenance. It is best to do this after each car wash. Regular and properly performed maintenance of the rubber refreshes the seals and guarantees a long service life. Proper rubber maintenance prolongs the life of all rubber parts in the car, ensures that the gaskets look fresh and practically prevent them from freezing.

After you’ve cleaned the fittings from dirt, it’s time to service them yourself.

  1. First check all moving parts and locking points of your window. These should be oiled once or twice a year so that they continue to work smoothly. Resin-free and acid-free spray grease from specialist shops is suitable for oiling of hydraulic Seals Manufacturers. Carefully remove excess fat.

If you discover malfunctions in daily use, adjustments must be made to the fittings. We recommend leaving this to a specialist, as otherwise fittings can be bent and have to be completely replaced.

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To prevent major and costly damage, it is important to keep an eye on your windows and repair minor damage immediately. Alternatively, you can also arrange a maintenance contract with a specialist dealer who will take care of all care and maintenance measures for you. So the cold stays outside in winter and you can make yourself really comfortable inside if you choose hydraulic Seals Manufacturers.