What is the impact of poor custom rubber rings in a car?

What is the impact of poor custom rubber rings in a car?


How to care for rubber parts to prevent dryness and damage?

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Cars have a multitude of parts that work together to ensure the complete operation of the vehicle. While many people think more about caring for parts like the engine or the clutch, there are smaller and equally important components in vehicles. The custom rubber rings of the car are part of this list.

The rubber parts of the car go far beyond what is visible and what is used only for aesthetics. There are some fundamental elements for the functionality and safety of the vehicle that depend on these elements.

Where we use custom rubber rings in car?

Generally, the rubber and plastic parts of the car are used for comfort and for sealing. The hood, for example, is a rubber cover responsible for sealing the suspension rod. When defective, the hood allows grains of sand and other debris to interfere with the suspension rod, causing premature wear of parts.

Of course, it is not only in the damper that we find this material. Custom rubber rings is also used to seal the hood, doors, tank cover and even engine components such as air tubes.

However, despite the great importance of these components, it is common that some drivers end up neglecting to care for the rubber parts of the car. This can make the vehicle look bad and damage the mechanics.

Caring for rubber car parts

To avoid these problems, check out some tips for taking care of these accessories and parts.

Watch your tires

Since we are talking about rubber, and then let’s start with the biggest and most important parts made of this material, the tires!

Tires are always in contact with the ground and wear heavily compared to all other parts of the vehicle, but a tire in poor condition poses a serious risk to your safety. A bald tire, for example, can cause accidents. Traffic with a tire in this state is also an infraction and can lead to a fine.

Want to know how to increase the life of your tire? Check out our full article on custom rubber rings!

Windshield custom rubber wipers


A windshield wiper in poor condition is frustrating and does more than help.

This component is directly linked to safety, because when it is in poor condition, it does not allow efficient visibility during rains. And without visibility, the chances of an accident happening dramatically increase.

Signs that custom rubber rings are in need of maintenance are:

  • Noisy cleaner
  • Scratches made by the wiper on the windshield
  • Piece of rubber dropping;
  • The water is not completely removed by the equipment.

Rapid wear of the windshield rubber is relatively normal. The exchange is often carried out every three or four months. However, in some cases it is possible to extend the life of the part to six months or more.

To do this you need to follow some simple precautions. The first is to always clean the wipers at least once a week. Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

When leaving the car stationary for a long time, move the wipers away from the window. And last but not least, use only products recommended by the manufacturer in the wiper water tank.

Trim custom rubber rings

These are the custom rubber rings of the car responsible for sealing and protecting the hood, door jamb and fuel tank cap. These parts have a very long service life, as there is no constant wear on them.

After a while it is necessary to change these rubber parts of the car, especially the door fittings. The first sign that there is something wrong is that the door starts to slam “dry”, even when it is closed carefully.

Impact on inadequate cleaning

The main enemies of these parts are excessive heat and inadequate cleaning products. Washing chemicals that are not made for cars are derived from petroleum and over time dry parts of rubber and plastic.

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In addition, the most important thing to maintain the trims of the car is the care with the cleaning. It is necessary to ensure that the car is not being washed with the use of unsuitable products in which the rubber does not get wet after washing.

Bushings and cushions

Bushings and cushions are rubber parts of the car responsible for absorbing the impact of many components. The engine, for example, is on top of bushings and cushions to prevent metal chatter directly in the car body. Moreover, it causes a lot of noise and quickly spoils other parts.


Because they are always absorbing impacts, custom rubber rings wear out with some ease. When there are defects in them, the car is considerably noisy, especially when driving on rough roads and at high speed. And these rubber parts of the car can easily break when dry.

The tip to avoid drying out the bushings and cushions is the same as the trim: Always use cleaning products made for vehicles.

Air and gas hoses

It is possible to find rubber hoses in different parts of the car. They are used to transport gases or air to the appropriate components or, in some cases, to transport fuel.

While the top tip works a lot for these parts, in some cases, like the fuel custom rubber rings, the best thing to do is keep an eye on the expiration date of the components and change when the time comes.


The hood of the CV joint and the hood of the headset are responsible for protecting key parts. Each has different defect signs.

Defects in the hood of the CV joint are easy to notice when the car is lifted. It is usually possible to notice the fender and grease-soiled wheels. In the headset hood, the first signs of defect are shaking on the steering wheel and play in the steering.

Both have the same purpose: To prevent dirt and impurities from infiltrating the moving parts of mechanical assemblies.

Hoods, like the other components on the list, dry out and crack using the wrong cleaning products. However, even following the tips to protect the rubber parts of the car, it is still necessary to carry out preventive maintenance of the hoods every 10,000 km run.

Regularly change oil and filters and custom rubber rings

Each vehicle has a time of use or mileage that indicates that it is time to change the oil , as it is through it that the engine is lubricated, cleaned and cooled.

Every time you change the oil, also change the filter, so that the impurities left in the filter do not contaminate the new oil. Also change the custom rubber rings and fuel filters, as they are also responsible for preventing impurities from reaching the engine and damaging its operation.

2. Change the battery

It is recommended that the battery and its terminals are maintained every three months, as the parts may become loose, dirty or corroded.
It is also important to check the battery water level. When you do this, take the time to clean the terminals that may be dirty.

3. Clean the engine

It is important that the engine is cleaned at least once a year, to ensure that it works better free of dirt and impurities.
A simple cleaning, with sponge, damp cloth and soap is enough to clean this area.
Do not use too much water; excesses can end up damaging other systems.

4. Keeping an eye on the radiator

If the water in the radiator is not at the correct level, the engine is at great risk of being harmed.
Therefore, always keep an eye on the level of the radiator water, otherwise the engine may overheat.
You can do this when filling up by asking the attendant to take a look at the water levels.