How hydraulic seals manufacturers overhaul cylinder kits?

How hydraulic seals manufacturers overhaul cylinder kits?


Important tips to extend hydraulic seal life

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Being professional hydraulic seals manufacturers, we will guide you through the method of cylinder overhaul. The process from oil bleeding to oil leakage is very fast. In addition, if it is left leaked, it may not be held due to insufficient pressure and it may fall.

What causes oil leakage in hydraulic seals?

It is “replacing the sticker at the tip of the roll”. Deterioration of the seals on the head side may cause oil leakage from the inside of the cylinder. And deterioration of the seals on the cylinder side may cause internal leakage of the cylinder. Moreover, it may cause spontaneous lowering.

hydraulic seals manufacturers seal is a full overhaul kit for the head cover side and piston side. It is possible to sell only one of these on request. However, from the viewpoint of the work process, we strongly recommend full replacement at the same time.

The reason is that there are many cases where when the head becomes new or the piston side becomes new. Moreover, the sealing rate of that side improves. And as a result, the non-exchanged side is loaded and leaks.

hydraulic seals manufacturers caution while changing hydraulic seals

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The basic structure of the cylinder is the same. But the shape and replacement method differ depending on various models and hydraulic seals manufacturers.

Also, the parts used are different. so please see it as a reference image only. Special tools may be required for replacement.

In addition, the inside of the cylinder is sealed at high pressure. If you are unfamiliar with the work, we recommend that you request a specialist hydraulic seals manufacturers. 

What steps hydraulic seals manufacturers follow while replacing hydraulic seals?


  1. First, remove the target cylinder from the body.
  2. Next, there is a head cover on the top of the cylinder case.
  3. Remove it with a hook wrench or pipe wrench.
  4. The oil that collects inside will come out, so we recommend preparing a saucer.

Important cautions for hydraulic kit overhauling
Please note that some models may have locking pins or claws on the head cover.

  • If the head cover comes off, pull the lot straight out from the cylinder cover.
  • Remove the bolt at the bottom of the lot.
  • Please note thatdepending on the model, the bolt may have a locking pin or claw
  • If the Lot bolt comes off, the head cover and piston can be pulled out.

Note: hydraulic seals manufacturers should Keep the rod, head cover, piston and each of the three parts. So that they are not scratched.

  • We recommend checking the lot when you remove it!
  • The leak may be caused by a bend in the lot.So, check for bends.
  • Also check the lot body for rust and scratches.

What should hydraulic seals manufacturers do if there is rust in the hydraulic kit?

In the case of rust, adjust it by polishing with an oil stone. hydraulic seals manufacturers can deal scratches and burrs with above. But in the case of large scratches, please ask a repair specialist.

How many types of seals replacement are there?

There are two types of seal replacement:

  1. head cover side set
  2. piston side set

But the seal kit hydraulic seals manufacturers sell is a full set with both sets assembled.

If the seals on the head side deteriorate, it may cause oil leakage inside the cylinder.
If the seal on the cylinder side deteriorates, internal leakage of the cylinder will occur. And it will fall naturally.

However, it is strongly recommended that you replace it with a full set. Furthermore, it allows you to replace everything. At the same time from the viewpoint of the work process.

The reason is that when the head side becomes new, the sealing rate of that side improves. And as a
result, there are many cases where loads are applied to the side. It may lead towards leakage too.

Some important cautions

other hydraulic seals manufacturers sell Seal kit only on the head side and piston side only. Please note that purchasing in bulk is expensive.

  • Arrange the stickers to be replaced and prepare to replace them.
  • The material differs depending on the seal
  • and there are things that stretch or break

You can change it smoothly by applying oil or adding grease when replacing.

Depending on the sticker, there may be double-fitting parts. Please be careful not to make a mistake. In addition, if you replace all of them at once, the order may be wrong. So, we recommend that you replace each one while checking that they are the same sticker.

How to check hydraulic seal overhauling is complete or not?

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When seals get replacement, the overhaul is complete. After that, return in the reverse order of the removed order to finish. When returning, it will be easier to install if you work while applying oil.

What happens when hydraulic seals manufacturers install seals forcefully?
Please note that the seal may be damaged if it is installed forcibly. When installing the cylinder on the excavator body, hydraulic seals manufacturers should make sure to replenish it with oil.

Such as:

  • hydraulic
  • For models that require air bleeding
  • be sure to bleed air.

What is the function of bush in hydraulic overhauling?

To the seal kit, there is a part called Bush for the cylinder components.

We have received many questions as to whether or not replacement is necessary. But it is not a deteriorated part of the basic iron parts. But since it is a part that extends the rod shaft, hydraulic seals manufacturers do not know the past history. Therefore, we recommend that you replace it.

However, in order to remove and attach it, a tool for press fitting is basically required. Similarly, the work is not easy compared with the seal. We only recommend replacement by expert hydraulic seals manufacturers.
What is the importance of the hydraulic seal kit model in replacement?
Please consider if the oil leakage doesn’t stop, it means the model of hydraulic kit is not relevant. Moreover, there are chances of flaws too.

Please note that the components and replacement methods vary depending on the model and cylinder.
In particular, it may have a stopper or claws. 

*If you are not familiar with the work, we strongly recommend that you request a specialist.

What advantages hydraulic seals manufacturers provide?

Along with the basic requirement of a reliable sealing effect, the user expects from a hydraulic seal:
reliability in operation;
long service life;
easy installation
compatibility with the working fluid with variable temperatures• high resistance to mechanical damage
good elasticity for reliable operation respectively

These requirements in the case of special applications. Along with the actual operating conditions:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • travel speed is crucial when choosing a seal.

Sealing systems

1.3.1 General information

With very high operating requirements, individual seals do not meet all expectations. Or the durability of seals due to high loads is low. Under extreme operating conditions simultaneously arising.

Such as:

  • high working pressure
  • high speed;
  • long stroke and
  • a large number of cycles
  • low seal friction
  • high durability and reliability in operation

How can hydraulic seals manufacturers extend hydraulic seal life?


The oil film on the stem lubricates the seal. Resulting in maximum service life. But this same oil film can attract dirt.

When the stem enters the cylinder, this dirt can pass over the cuff and is likely to cause minor damage. Expert hydraulic seals manufacturers recommend to follow these steps.

But when this happens repeatedly, cumulative damage will ultimately lead to leakage. And the more abrasive pollution, the faster cuff wear. In addition, once contaminants pass through the cuff, they can enter the hydraulic system. Moreover, it will cause more damage.