How many types of seals and their functions

How many types of seals and their functions


There are various types of seals and a wide range of uses. How many seals are there in the end? The seals will tell you that in fact, there are only a few common types of seals: oil seals, seals, seals, and seal manufacturers. The main production, rubber seals, agricultural oil seals, dust rings, PTFE seals.Hydraulic seals manufacturers

What about the seals?

The function of all seals is to prevent the leakage of fluid or solid particles from adjacent joint surfaces and to prevent external impurities such as dust and moisture from entering the interior of the machine.

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Importance of sealing

Although the seal is small, its role makes it a basic component and accessory in the main industries of the national economy such as national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, coal, transportation, machinery manufacturing and agricultural machinery, and occupies a very important position in the development of the national economy.

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Factors affecting the sealing ring

The factors affecting the performance of various seals are different, such as mechanical seals (packing seals, etc.) affecting factors such as temperature, medium, wear, and pressure.

According to different uses, seals are roughly classified as follows:
And according to the material, performance, requirements, and objects of the seal to be sealed, there are many classifications.